Madhya Pradesh 12th Exam Result 2021 Update; CBSE Formula Not Applicable in Madhya Pradesh group of ministers Decide on Monday | CBSE will not follow the pattern due to fear of court; Class 11th will also not be included, 10th and 12th examination will be the basis

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  • Madhya Pradesh 12th Exam Result 2021 Update; CBSE Formula Not Applicable In Madhya Pradesh Group Of Ministers Decide On Monday

Bhopal15 minutes agoAuthor: Anoop Dubey

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  • Students unhappy with the average result will also be given the option to take the exam.

In Madhya Pradesh, private schools have screwed up the formula for making MP Board 12th class results. This year there are about 7.50 lakh students in class 12th. Earlier, like CBSE, a proposal was sent to make the results of class 10th and 11th as the basis, but private schools refused to include class 11th in it.

If sources are to be believed, seriousness was not shown about the 11th examinations in private schools last year. In such a situation, most of the children did not take any exam. Private schools are afraid that if 11th class is included in this and a child goes to court demanding to show the copy, then from where will they get enough.

For this reason a new formula has been prepared. After this it has been decided that the formula of BCSE will not be applicable in Madhya Pradesh. However, students who are unhappy with the result will have the option of appearing for the exam. However, students who have passed class 12th this year will not be able to get the benefit of the laptop scheme.

Hence no CBSE formula

CBSE had made the 12th result formula on the basis of 10th, 11th and 12th examination results. It was adopted by CBSE schools across the country, but private schools in MP pressurized to remove class 11th from this formula. His reasoning was that if the child unhappy with the result went to court, then from where would the copies be brought. For this reason, while making a new formula, the committee gave the basis for the 10th and 12th examinations to be made the basis for the result.

first formula

The 12th result should be prepared on the basis of the 10th result, but there are six subjects in the 10th question and 18 subjects in the 12th. In this case mapping of subjects will be done. However, many people did not agree with this formula, because mapping only on the basis of 10th would have a great impact on the result. So this formula drop was accepted.

second formula

The result should be prepared on the basis of 60% of the 10th result and 40% on the basis of the six month examination of 12th. In this also the mapping of subjects will be done. As physics, chemistry and biology would be linked with science, subjects like account of commerce would be linked with mathematics. Hindi and English will remain the same. Similarly, mapping of subjects of arts will be done. However, there can be a difference of only 2 to 5% in the result. This means that the result cannot be increased by any mind.

Given this option for children

MP Board will give an option to the children to avoid doing court stuff. In this, the children who are not happy with this kind of result, then they will be able to appear in the examination to be held in the coming time. This means those who are not bothered by the average result need not give the exam.

meeting is likely on monday

The committee has submitted its report to the Group of Ministers regarding all the formulas. In this, he has suggested the way by mentioning three types of formula and the legal hurdles that come with it. It is very likely that on the basis of the second formula, the result of class 12th in Madhya Pradesh is decided.

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