Madhya Pradesh: 10 patients of corona admitted in Gwalior hospital ICU – Madhya Pradesh: 10 patients of corona admitted in a severe fire in ICU of Gwalior Hospital



Saturday’s fiery fire broke out on the third flyer of the Super Specialty Hospital of Jayaragya Hospital in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, the fire broke out in the ICU where about ten patients from Kareena are also admitted. At first the hospital management tried to control the fire itself, but when the fire started coming out uncontrollable, the fire staff was informed.

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On receiving the information of the incident, Dr. SN Iyengar, Dean of GR Medical College and Dr. RKS Dhakad, Superintendent of JAH have also reached Maike. The administration says that two patients suffered minor burns in the accident.

Child stolen from hospital in Indore found in police station, mother gets emotional after seeing newborn
According to another news, a “stolen” child was found at the station gate on Friday in the hospital in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. In a surprising development, a newborn baby was found in unclaimed condition in the premises of a police station here on Friday morning.


The family has identified the newborn as the child whom an unknown woman, dressed as a nurse, stole from a government hospital five days ago. Rajiv Tripathi, in-charge of Sanyogitaganj police station, said, “It is visible in the CCTV footage that around 7 am on Friday morning a woman is going out on the ground in the premises of our new station.”

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