Madhya Peadesh: Jan Kalyan Sambal yojanas Beneficiaries waiting for their money – Sambal scheme has been relaunched in Madhya Pradesh, but beneficiaries are still waiting for the money to come into the account


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One beneficiary Ravi Mali said, ‘In Sambal Yojana, the Chief Minister has clicked twice but the money has not come in the account. Where does the money go if we put it. Ravi is not questioning assurance alone. Zarina’s husband Javed, who lives in Arjun Nagar, Malwa, died in an accident on 28 January 2019, Javed was registered in Sambal Yojana, they have four children. There is no way to earn. An episode of four lakh 4 lakh was made. Approval of two lakh rupees was received on 11 November 2019 by coming to paper, till date nothing was found. Daughter Muskan could not read after 8th. Helps mother, peel onion-garlic and then go for 15-20 rupees. See you and walks home. His 14-year-old son also works as a laborer. Javed’s wife, Zarina, says, “Nothing was found, hoped for 2 years but nothing was found.” I want that if I get some help, then the house will be spent and the children should also get education. ‘ Zarina’s daughter Muskan says – I want to study in school. Two kilometers away, Akash runs a shop inside the house with a mother ranging from a money lender of Rs 50. In the illness of his father, he had taken a loan of Rs 2.5 lakh. In the Sambal scheme, an amount of Rs 2 lakh was approved. On 24 September 2020, at a program, Minister Indarsingh Parmar gave a certificate of acceptance. Even the photos were printed in newspapers but no money was found. Gopal Gawli’s son Akash says, ‘We had applied in Sambal but no amount has been received. Education Minister Parmar ji was also present, had given the card, said that the amount will be put, but the money has not come yet.

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Similarly, Shabina is 30 years old, she takes care of children and does domestic work. Instead of going to school, the eldest son of 13 years is busy in arranging household expenses. They too got approval of 2 lakhs after the death of husband Feroze. Called in many programs, photographed printed in the newspaper … Leader-officers were present but the money was not paid for the end of the year. Shabana also says, ‘The acceptance letter was received, she had gone to the chief minister’s meeting when it was said that money has been added to the account but the money has not been received yet.’

Gopal Gawli of Chhota Gawalipura was registered in the Sambal Yojana, left the world about one and a half years ago, for his son Gambhir, to go round the office daily and check bank accounts has become a routine. It is becoming difficult to collect the expenses for the treatment of the mother’s illness. Gopal says, ‘We are not getting the amount. We work for the wages, we are waiting for the amount and if we get it, then get treatment in a good hospital.’ If eligible, the application goes ahead. Money is transferred to the applicant’s account. But there are many people who have not received the money so far. The government has its own arguments about this. Cabinet Minister Vijay Shah says, ‘Sambal’s money, which is left, will be found. The purpose of starting the scheme is to help. Whatever is possible will do.

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Talking about the Congress party, the tone of this party, which had felt like stopping the Sambal scheme during the tenure of the Kamal Nath government, has changed. She is blaming the government’s intention and policy. Congress leader and former minister Jeetu Patwari said, ‘Shivraj Singh has been running the government of speech and headline only ever since he has come. Pension is not available. Justice is not being done even after death. I believe it is injustice, there should be justice. It is said that ‘laborers are not forced’ in government advertisements, but the truth is that thousands of stories of pain and suffering of laborers are seen scattered here and there. It is just a matter of time when the matter of their rights will be teased.

What is Sambal Yojana
Actually, there is a provision to benefit unorganized workers in Sambal Yojana. Unorganized laborers who are aged between 18 and 60, who have more than 1 hectare of land or government employees are ineligible for this. Funeral amount of Rs. 5 thousand on death of registered laborer in the scheme, Rs. 2 lakh on normal death and accident. There is a provision of giving Rs 4 lakh ex-gratia on death. Registration, death certificate, Aadhar card, ration card, nominee, Aadhaar card, bank account is necessary to avail benefits. The government website says that 495 crores were distributed to 12436 beneficiaries on accidental death, 2012 crore was distributed to 100848 beneficiaries on general death.


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