Madhubala 52nd death anniversary tragic story of beautiful face – Madhubala became a heroine at the age of 14, pierced her heart


Special things about Madhubala …

1. Love was reflected in every style of Madhubala, born on Valentine’s Day. He had a desire to work in cinema since childhood. Mumtaz started her film career with the 1942 film Basant.

2. Seeing Madhubala’s performance, then famous actress Devika Rani was very impressed and advised Mumtaz Jehan Dehalvi to change her name to ‘Madhubala’.

3. The 1947 film ‘Neel Kamal’ was his last film by the name of Mumtaz. After this, she became known as Madhubala. In this film, just fourteen years old Madhubala worked with Raj Kapoor.

4. After acting in ‘Neel Kamal’, Mudhabala came to be called ‘beauty goddess’ of cinema. Two years later, Madhubala acted in the Bombay Talkies film Mahal and after the success of the film, she did not look back.

5. Madhubala had worked with veteran actors such as Ashok Kumar, Rehman, Dilip Kumar and Devanand at that time. Some of his films also failed after the 1950s. At the time of failure, critics were saying that Madhubala does not have talent but because of her beauty, her films have become hits.

6. Despite all this, Madhubala never got disappointed. He proved his talent once again in 1958 after many films flopped and in the same year he gave superhit films like ‘Phagun’, ‘Howrah Bridge’, ‘Kala Pani’ and ‘Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi’ to Indian cinema.

7. Madhubala suffered from a terrible disease in the 1960s. After marriage she went to London for treatment of the disease. The London doctor, upon seeing Madhubala, said that she could not live beyond two years.

8. Investigation revealed that Madhubala has a hole in her heart and due to this the amount of blood in her body was increasing. The doctor also gave up in front of this disease and said that even after the operation, she will not be able to survive for long. During this time, he had to quit acting.

9. In 1969, Madhubala wanted to direct the films ‘Farz’ and ‘Ishq’, but the film was not made and in the same year, on 23 February 1969, Mallika of Bepana Hussan left the world, nine days after celebrating her 36th birthday.

10. Madhubala acted in more than 70 films. He has produced ‘Basant’, ‘Phulwari’, ‘Neel Kamal’, ‘Parai Aag’, ‘Amar Prem’, ‘Mahal’, ‘Imtihan’, ‘Gangsters’, ‘Madhubala’, ‘Badal’, ‘Gateway of India’, Acting in films like ‘Jaali Note’, ‘Sharabi’ and ‘Jwala’ convinced the audience of their performance.


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