Maa Chandraghanta Navratri 2020 Day 3 Devi Puja Significance and Importance | Facts On Haryana Minty agarwal | Manipur Chakra awakens with the worship of Mata Chandraghanta, this will give you the power to take right decisions with confidence

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  • Maa Chandraghanta Navratri 2020 Day 3 Devi Puja Significance And Importance | Facts on Haryana Minty Agarwal

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  • The third day is dedicated to Mata Chandraghanta, the Shivduti form of Shakti Mata.
  • There is an hour-sized crescent on the head, that is why they are called Chandraghanta Devi

The third day of Navratri is dedicated to Mata Chandraghanta. She has an hour-sized crescent on her forehead, which is why she is called Chandraghanta Devi. This is the Shivduti form of Mother Shakti.

The form

Leo is the vehicle of this Chandraghanta form of Goddess. These ten hands are considered and this khadg etc. is equipped with various weapons and weapons.


Goddess Chandraghanta destroyed the Asuras with an hour’s clash in the war with the Asuras. They are worshiped on the third day of Navratri. With his worship, the seeker automatically attains the attainments of the third Manipur cycle. Get rid of worldly sufferings. This leads to qualities like clarity, confidence and ability to take right decisions.

The entire country will never forget and forget the Pulwama terror attack on 14 February 2019, in response to the Balakot attack of the Indian Air Force entering Pakistan on 26 February. The next day, the Pakistani Air Force tried to match, but it was completely thwarted by Wing Commander Abhinandan Vardhman and his comrades. How Wing Commander Abhinandan shot down Pakistan’s modern F-16s with his MiG-21 is not hidden from anyone. But, behind this success of Abhinandan, his flight controller squadron leader Minty Agarwal had the most special role. Minty was also part of the Indian Air Force team that carried out Mission Balakot.

It is said that by worshiping Mata Chandraghanta, the seeker enters the third Manipur cycle of yoga practice. This leads to quality decision making. Squadron Leader Minty Aggarwal made similar decisions during the Pakistani Air Force attack. While Abhinandan Akash was dodging Pakistani aircraft with his MiG, he was giving them correct information from the ground with the help of radar, Squadron Leader Minty. He was awarded the War Service Medal for this tremendous role. Minty is the first woman in the country to receive this medal.

We knew there would be an attack, the situation was like a fierce war that day

Squadron Leader Minty recalled the Pakistani audacity on 27 February, stating, “We knew that the enemy would definitely try to counter-attack.” There were circumstances of fierce war. There were many enemy aircraft and our war planes were fighting them perfectly. There was two way communication between Abhinandan and me. I was telling them about the air condition. I was telling them about the position of the enemy ship. I participated in both the missions on 26 February and 27 February. “

Minty gave information to Indian pilots as soon as Pakistani planes took off

Minty had alerted the MiG-21 Bison, Mirage and Sukhoi aircraft deployed on Indian bases as soon as Pak F-16 aircraft were stirred. When Wing Commander Abhinandan crossed the LoC while dropping the F-16, Minty asked him to return immediately. However, Abhinandan could not listen to his instructions because of the communication jam done by Pakistan. His MiG-21 Bison did not have anti-jamming technology. Minty was named confidential after this operation for security reasons.

Haryanvi Chhori was fond of uniform since childhood

Minty is originally from Ambala town in Haryana. She is the youngest of four sister-brothers. Elder brother Arvind says that Minty was sharp from childhood. He did his BSc from Medical Stream in 2004 after passing 12th from Airforce Public School. At the same time, she joined the Airforce in 2011 through SSC. She came to merit at the Air Defense College, which led to her posting in the Air Fighter Controller Wing. Minty’s husband Rahul Agarwal is a banker. Bhai Arivand says that he had a fascination for the uniform of the Army from the very beginning. When she was in seventh grade, the mother died. Despite this, Minty, with the help of her family, made history by becoming the first woman to receive a war service medal in the country.

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