Maa Brahmacharini Navratri 2020 Day 2 Devi Puja Significance and | Interesting Facts On Kerala’s Bhageerathi Amma, Karthiyani Amma | Worshiping Mother Brahmacharini will give you the power to achieve success through harsh tenacity

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  • Maa Brahmacharini Navratri 2020 Day 2 Devi Puja Significance And | Interesting Facts On Kerala’s Bhageerathi Amma, Karthiyani Amma

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  • The second form of mother is Brahmacharini, it symbolizes the power of brahm Shakti, the penance.
  • For thousands of years, he did hard penance, due to which he was named Brahmacharini.

Mother Brahmacharini is worshiped on the second day of Navratri. It symbolizes the power of brahm Shakti, that is, tenacity. Their worship increases the power of asceticism of devotees. It is told in the scriptures that Maa Durga was born as Parvati to the daughter of Parvataraja and did hard penance to get Lord Mahadev in her life at the behest of Maharishi Narada. Due to his hard penance for thousands of years, he was named Tapashcharini or Brahmacharini.

The form

Mother appears in this form without any vehicle. Maa Brahmacharini has a garland in her right hand and a kamandal in her left hand.


Mata Brahmacharini gives us the message that it is impossible to achieve success in life without austerities, that is, hard work. Achieving success without labor is contrary to the management of God. Therefore, remember the power on this day for the power of brahmashakti i.e. understanding and penance. In Yoga-Shastra, this power is located in the Swadhisthana. Therefore, by doing all the meditation in health, this power is strengthened and success and success are achieved everywhere.

On the second day of Navaratri, the devotees learn from Goddess Brahmacharini the hard tenacity in life or, say, a strong struggle There are two women who perform such rigorous penance, Kartiyani Amma and Bhagirathi Amma. 98-year-old Kartiani Amma and 107-year-old Bhagirathi Amma are the inspiration for crores of women of the country who give up and kill their desires while playing responsibility for the family.

Both of these Ammas of Kerala not only fulfilled their family responsibilities in very difficult circumstances, but after completing 9 and 10 decades of life, they started their studies again and put flags in it. Living in Haripad in Alappuzha district of Kerala Vali Kartiani Amma topped the state’s Literacy Mission Authority (KSLMA) exam in 2018. She was 96 years old then. He scored 98 out of 100 total.

This test named Aksharlaksham is considered equivalent to class 4. A total of 43,330 candidates participated in it, out of which 42,933 passed. It had three main themes. Reading, writing and mathematics. Kartiani Amma scored 38 out of 40 in writing and 100 percent marks in both subjects i.e. reading and mathematics.

After taking the exam, Karthiyani Amma said, “I studied so much without any means. Tests were very easy for me.” Born in 1922, Karthiani Amma got married at a very young age. So I stopped going to school. She soon became the mother of six children. The husband died at an early age. Along with working on people’s homes, she also worked as a scavenger to raise children.

Kartiani Amma got married at a very young age, so she stopped going to school.

Kartiani Amma got married at a very young age, so she stopped going to school.

Wanted to go to school

When Kartiyani Amma had fulfilled all her responsibilities at this stage of life, her desire to study started awakening. In fact, his elder daughter also studied under this scheme of the Government of Kerala. It was from here that he found the way and he started studying.

Completely vegetarian, never went to hospital

Karthiyani Amma is a complete vegetarian. She wakes up every morning at 4 am. She does all her work herself. She says that once she had left eye surgery, she never went to the hospital in her entire life.

Not stopped, target fixed – will pass 10th at the age of 100

Karthiyani Amma did not stop here. He has also set further goals in studies. In Kerala’s Aksharlaksham Yojana, after passing the examination equivalent to the fourth grade, the examination considered equivalent to seventh is given and then the final examination considered equivalent to tenth. Kartiani Amma has set the goal of passing the same exam at the age of 100, equivalent to tenth.

Missed studies at the age of 9 and Bhagirathi Amma resumed at the age of 104

Bhagirathi Amma had to quit at the age of 9.

Bhagirathi Amma had to quit at the age of 9.

Bhagirathi Amma is a resident of Kollam in Kerala. She had a desire to study since childhood, but she started fulfilling this dream at the age of 104 and achieved her first big break at the age of 105, and she became the oldest to pass the Kerala Literacy Mission exam Personality

Amma had difficulty in writing, so she wrote a solution for three questions on environment, mathematics and Malayalam in three days. His younger daughter helped in this. She says that she always wanted to study, but after the death of the mother in her childhood, the responsibility of looking after the siblings fell on her. Bhagirathi Amma studied in the third grade at the age of 9, when she had to quit.

After this, the responsibilities did not leave him. Her husband died at the age of just 30. After which the full responsibility of six children came. Age passed. During this time, his dream of studies was not fulfilled, but Amma did not forget him.

She did not back down when she got a chance to study at the age of 105. She took the exam considered equivalent to fourth grade at her house in Kollam and became an example. Such an example that Prime Minister Narendra Modi said during Mann Ki Baat that the student inside himself should never be allowed to die. 105-year-old Bhagirathi Amma inspires us. Hence he has been selected as the Commonwealth of Learning Goodwill Ambassador.

Amma is very fast, Amma also sings a song

Expert of Kerala Literacy Mission Vasant Kumar says that even at this age Amma has a very good memory. They have no problem in studying. He got 74.5 percent marks. He has 16 grandchildren and 12 grandchildren. Amma still sings very well.

Aadhaar card created, pension received and further studies started

Bhagirathi Amma did not have an Aadhaar card. When Prime Minister Narendra Modi mentioned him in Mann Ki Baat, it came to light that his Aadhaar card was not there. After this the local administration went to their house and completed all the formalities and made them their base. Now they also get an old age pension of 1500 rupees every month.

Here, Bhagirathi Amma has taken admission in the next course of Literacy Mission, considered equivalent to the seventh in March. She says that she also wants to pass the next exam equal to 10th.

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