lucknow crematorium issues tokens for cremation of dead bodies of covid patients


The state of Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh, seems to be the most affected by the second wave of coronavirus currently. Of all the new infections coming to the state, 40-50 percent of them are coming from Lucknow alone. The death toll is also increasing. The situation is such that the number of dead bodies in the crematorium here is constantly increasing, due to which people coming to the cremation of their relatives have to take tokens.

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The last rites of those who died of corona are being performed at the Baikunth Dham electrical crematorium in Lucknow. The number of dead bodies is increasing here, due to which tokens are also being given to the people. After talking to Munna, an employee working here, it was found that 22-23 dead bodies are coming here in a day. Of these, dead bodies are coming from Lucknow and surrounding areas.

Night curfew will be applicable in Noida from 10 pm to 5 am till 17 April

Munna, who got a salary of only 6,000 in lieu of this job, said that most of the families come here to have their dead relatives cremated, but there are some people, who are scared about Kovid and they do not come in, just for the rituals. The bodies are handed over. The bones are given to them the next day. By the way, here is a guideline for the arrival of five family members at a time.

Munna told that he has not been to his house since Holi. All the employees work here from 9 am to night till dawn, but then sleep there, do not go home because they are afraid that if they get kovid then their family may get infected.


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