LPG price hike Madhya Pradesh beneficiaries of Ujjwala Yojana are not refilling cylinders


The couple says that it is not about their bus to fill the cylinder in inflation. Drive home or get gas filled. When the cylinder is filled, the stove comes in handy. If you cook food on the gas stove, it is good. There is a smoke on the wood stove. Did not get the money, so did not get the cylinder filled. At the other end of the state, tribal-dominated Balaghat from Maharashtra, women like Sharda, Munnibai have to return to the stove. Sharda clearly says there is no money, so do not fill gas. At the same time, Munnibai dynasty says that we do not have money, how to get it filled, 800 rupees has been made gas.

Many beneficiaries of Ujjwala have returned to the stove, but housewives like Anil Jain or Anita Srivastava, who run a tea shop, do not even have an option. Anil says there is a lot of loss due to increase in the price of gas. Costs are coming up, profits are decreasing. Anita Srivastava says that the prices of gas are constantly increasing. It is having a great impact. Earlier it was 450 rupees, now 800 rupees. There is a lot of trouble in running the house, the entire system is deteriorating.

Although the government does not want to see Rajesh or Munnibai’s house, she wants the media to show the advertisement of the scheme. While praising the Prime Minister on the question of the cylinder of Cabinet Minister Vishwas Sarang Ujjwala, he said that for the first time a Prime Minister has come, who cared about the mothers whose eyes were damaged by a wooden stove, who would get respiratory problems. was. When we asked, the commercials have become old, where are the cylinders now distributed, so they said from where the commercials have been done, you are not talking about those who have got them. When we said that we are talking about tribal dominated districts, then their reply was that what do you know from where you have come. He cannot speak about the footage of 1-2 places, which you have, but our government has worked to remove smoke from the kitchen.

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When we told them that in districts like Shahdol, there is a figure that about 85 per cent of the beneficiaries have returned to the stove, then they said that they do not know why such figures come to you. The Congress is besieging the government on this issue. Former cabinet minister of Congress Jayawardhan Singh said that everyone is saying that 7 years ago Modi ji used to say that GDP will increase. Now everyone is saying that this GDP means gas, petrol, diesel because its price has increased. Pressure is increasing on the common consumer. It is becoming clear that inflation is increasing in Madhya Pradesh. Let us tell that under the Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala scheme, financial assistance of ₹ 1600 is provided. The beneficiary can take gas connection with this amount. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has announced to provide LPG gas connections to one crore more people in the budget of 2021–22. Akhbari is a commercial, in which the government tells how many crore people have been given the connection of Ujjwala, but it hides how many beneficiaries have returned to the stove’s darkness due to inflation.

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