LPG Cylinder Rs 1000; Narendra Modi Govt Likely To Changes LPG Subsidy Scheme | LPG cylinder can be of 1 thousand rupees, subsidy on it may be stopped

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New Delhi29 minutes ago

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In the rising inflation, the common man may get another setback. According to media reports, customers may have to pay Rs 1,000 per cylinder for LPG cylinders in the coming days. The government can stop the subsidy on LPG cylinders. However, what is the government’s view on increasing the price of LPG cylinders, no such news has come to the fore. But an internal assessment of the government has revealed that consumers are ready to pay up to Rs 1,000 for a cylinder.

Government’s two stand regarding LPG cylinder
According to media reports, the government can take two stances regarding the subsidy of LPG cylinders. First, let the government run as it is now. Second, under the Ujjwala scheme, subsidy should be given only to the economically weaker consumers. However, nothing has been said clearly about giving subsidy.

Subsidy burden on the government reduced by 6 times in 1 year
During the financial year 2020-2021, the government gave Rs 3,559 crore as subsidy to the consumers. At the same time, in the financial year 2019-2020, this expenditure was Rs 24,468 crore. That is, in one year itself, the government has cut the subsidy by about 6 times.

What are the rules regarding subsidy now?
According to the current rules, if your annual income is more than 10 lakhs, then you will not get the benefit of subsidy on LPG cylinder. Apart from this, subsidy on LPG was stopped in some places in May 2020.

Whether you are getting subsidy on gas cylinder or not, you can easily find out sitting at home

Gas cylinder has become costlier by Rs 190.50 so far this year
The price of LPG cylinder in Delhi on January 1 this year was Rs 694. Now the price of cylinder is Rs 884.50. That is, since January, the price of domestic gas cylinder has increased by Rs 190.50.

Domestic gas cylinder price this year

1 september884.50911.00884.50900.50
August 18859.50886.00859.50875.50
July 1834.50861.00834.50850.00
may 1st809.00835.50809.00825.00
March 1819.00845.50819.00835.00
February 25794.00820.50794.00810.00
15 February769.00795.50769.00785.00
4 February719.00745.50719.00735.00
January 1694.00720.50694.00710.00

The price of gas cylinder more than doubled in 7 and a half years
In the last 7 and a half years, the price of a domestic gas cylinder (14.2 kg) has more than doubled to Rs 884.50 per cylinder. The price of 14.2 kg domestic gas cylinder on 1st March 2014 was Rs 410.5 which is now Rs 884.50.

29 crore people in the country have LPG connection
In India, about 29 crore people have LPG connections, out of which there are about 8 crore LPG connections under the Ujjwala scheme.

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