LPG Cylinder Price Rise Rajasthan woman make food on stove – Rajasthan: women forget gas price


The price of the cylinder has been around 800 rupees. (Symbolic picture)


The increase in the prices of gas cylinder (LPG Cylinder Price Rise) is being hit by the middle class people. In most states, the price of the cylinder has been around 800 rupees. In the last one month, the price of cylinder has been increased three times. Talking about Rajasthan (Rajasthan LPG Cost), the price of the cylinder there has been Rs 798. The price of the cylinder at the beginning of February was Rs 698. Bhuri Devi, who hails from Rajasthan, has a gas cylinder but now she is making rotis on the stove because gas costs more to make rotis on gas.

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Bhuri Devi buys mostly in cylinder black. In the black market, the cylinder is available for 900 to 1000 rupees, but the actual price of the cylinder is also not low. From December to February, its prices have increased by Rs 200 per cylinder. After the recent increase, the price of cylinder in Rajasthan has gone up to Rs 798. Bhuri Devi is survived by her husband and three children. She says that the price of gas is increasing, in such a situation it is expensive to make rotis on the gas stove. Gas costs more. She collects wood from nearby and makes rotis on the stove.

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Bhuri Devi says, ‘I make roti on the stove, sometimes I also make vegetables. A cylinder does not run even for a month. They bring a cylinder of one thousand rupees. Talking about the rising prices of cylinders, the price of cylinder in Rajasthan on December 2 was Rs 648. On December 15, Rs 50 was increased and the price was Rs 698. Prices did not increase in January. Its cancer was removed in February. Prices were increased three times this month. There was an increase of 25 rupees on 4 February, 50 rupees on 14 February and then 25 rupees on 25 February.

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Sita Kumari has 8 members in her family. Three cylinders are required every month, that is, due to rising gas prices, the entire budget of his house has been spoiled. She says, “Gas prices have increased, petrol has also increased, salary has also been cut, how will the house run?” Apart from domestic gas, commercial cylinders have also increased from Rs 1300 to Rs 1600. Prior to the Corona epidemic, subsidies on domestic gas used to come automatically into people’s accounts, but government spending has increased and in such a situation the subsidy is not reaching the bank accounts, due to which middle class families are having the most impact. is.

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