Long COVID Side Effects And Kidney Problems; US Washington University Research Latest Study | Kovid patients admitted to ICU are more prone to kidney failure, 90% of patients do not understand whether they are suffering from the disease or not

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  • Long COVID Side Effects And Kidney Problems; US Washington University Research Latest Study

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Kidneys are getting badly damaged in patients recovering from corona and patients are not showing any symptoms. This claim has been made in the research of Washington University of America. Research says that those corona patients who were admitted to the hospital or who showed mild symptoms are at risk of kidney damage (end stage kidney disease).

According to a report published in the American Society of Nephrology on September 1, patients recovering from corona who had problems related to the arteries. After being admitted to the hospital, he started suffering from kidney disease. According to researcher Ziad al-Ali of the University of Washington, patients admitted to the ICU after infection are at higher risk of kidney failure.

Research on patient data
Researchers from the St. Louis Health Care System and Washington University analyzed federal health data in the US. The report revealed that the reason for kidney damage is Long Kovid.

Kidney patients usually do not show its symptoms. According to the National Kidney Foundation, about 90 percent of patients do not show any symptoms of kidney disease. 37 million Americans are grappling with the same situation.

Experts say, 70 to 80 percent of kidney patients gradually stop working, till then the patients do not understand it. Some of its symptoms should not be ignored. For example, increased protein level in urine, swelling of feet, ankles and around the eyes, chest pain and shortness of breath.

How to keep kidney healthy and prevent it from failure?

  • Keep your blood pressure below 140/90, as recommended by the CDC, or consult your doctor to determine your blood pressure target. Eat less salt food, increase the diet of fruits and vegetables. Apart from this, be active and maintain your fixed cholesterol range. Also keep taking medicines as per doctor’s advice.
  • If your kidneys fail, you need dialysis treatment. In such a situation, it is very important to keep your kidney healthy and protect it from failure. According to the CDC, if you are at risk, keep getting screened for chronic kidney disease and get treatment as soon as it is detected early.
  • If you have diabetes, get blood and urine tests done every year and stay within the blood sugar range. Do not make a habit of sitting in one place and stay active, as physical activity helps in controlling the blood sugar level.
  • Obesity can also cause problems. If you are overweight, then reduce it and quit the habit of smoking. If you have chronic kidney disease, consult a dietician to prepare a food plan to maintain kidney health.

how to defend yourself
According to experts, Kovid patients should undergo periodic creatinine test for kidney examination. Apart from this, eGFR test can be done to check whether the kidney is working better or not.

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