Lockdown, Massive Vaccination, Built makeshift hospitals: Anthony Faucis Advice to India Amid COVID Surge – lockdown, vaccination, temporary hospital


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Expressing concern over unbridled growing cases of coronavirus in India, America’s top health expert and White House Chief Medical Advisor Anthony Fauchi on Monday suggested a countrywide lockdown, extensive vaccination campaign and the construction of large-scale temporary hospitals Have given. In an interview to news agency PTI, Fauchi said, “It is very clear to everyone that the situation in India is very serious.” Fauchi is considered to be one of the leading infectious specialists in the world.

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Doctor Fauchi said, “When you have a lot of people getting infected here … there is a lack of adequate capacity to take care of everyone; when you have a shortage of beds in the hospital and lack of other essentials including oxygen, then The situation actually becomes very frustrating. That is why we feel that it is important for the rest of the world to what extent they can help get out of this crisis. “

US President Joe Biden has prepared the US government to help India, keeping a close watch on the conditions of India. The director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases said that there are some steps which India should take in the immediate, medium term and long term.

Fauchi said, “For the first time, India should vaccinate as many people as possible. For this, they can buy both vaccines developed in India as well as vaccines from other suppliers. Such as America … Russia … You can supply from whichever country and whichever company is ready to supply the vaccine. “

He said, “But currently there is an immediate solution, and I am aware that India is already doing it. So I am not saying anything, which you are not already doing. I suggested a few days ago too. Was and I believe that some parts of India are doing this, they are putting a lockdown. ”

Fauchi said, “Since in other countries, for example what China did last year, what Australia did when they had more outbreaks or what other countries did, they put a complete lockdown for a certain time. You get 6 Don’t have to lockdown for a month. You can lockdown for a few weeks. When you do a lockdown, you know very well that the dynamics of an epidemic outbreak stop and the transmission of infection is minimized. “


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