Lilly -Ann Woollisscan 8 years old only eat FOUR GRAMS of protein a day due to rare genetic disorder disease name is phenylketonuria PKU | 8-year-old Lily’s life with the support of only fruits and vegetables, refusal to take protein due to a rare congenital disease; it can do brain damage

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  • Lilly Ann Woollisscan 8 Years Old Only Eat FOUR GRAMS Of Protein A Day Due To Rare Genetic Disorder Disease Name Is Phenylketonuria PKU

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Often dieticians recommend taking protein in the diet because it is necessary for the growth of the body. A shocking case has come to light in 8-year-old Lily-Ann Woolis living in the UK. They have been advised to stay away from proteins. Lily has been living with only fruits and vegetables for the last 8 years. Meat, nuts and dairy products are missing from their diet. This is because of a congenital disease called phenylketonuria.

what is phenylketonuria
Phenylketonuria is a rare disease in which the body cannot digest proteins. This disease occurs when there is a mutation in the genes inherited from the parents. Excessive intake of protein can cause damage to the brain. They have been advised to take only 4 grams of protein a day. Carmen Wilkie, 43, Lily’s mother, says, the daughter is able to take only as many things in the diet that can keep her alive.

Such is Lily’s diet
The same things are included in Lily’s diet, which the UK health agency NHS has said. She mainly eats fruits and vegetables. Apart from this, special types of milk and bread have been included in the diet plan. Lily takes mashed potatoes and white cabbage for lunch and eats chips or new potatoes for dinner. Apart from this, take supplements 4 times a day. Due to food restrictions, Lily rarely goes to restaurants with friends.

mother quits job for daughter
Karen is a hairdresser by profession, but she quits her job to take care of Lily. She says that the daughter is given only those things which the doctors have told. Therefore, to keep the quantity of food accurate, they weigh the food. I keep an eye on what she is eating and what not.

We don’t go to restaurants except on birthdays and special occasions. I take Lily to a place where there are no food items.

If you take more protein then…
Experts say, if the amount of protein in the body is high, the pupil can dilate and damage can occur to the brain. Lily’s mother Karen says, “I want to take my daughter to the Disney World resort in Florida because there is food for such children.” By bringing there she will be able to order food and enjoy it.

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