Like airports, now the railway stations will also have to pay the user charge, know which stations can be there


new Delhi:

Privatization in Indian Railway: Now the Central Government is considering imposing a user charge on railway stations on the lines of the airport. It has been reported that there are 7000 railway stations in the country and 10 to 15% of this can be levied in 1050 railway stations. Initially, there will be a user charge at the crowded railway station of big cities. In an important meeting, a presentation has been given to rejuvenate the New Delhi and CSTM Mumbai railway stations.

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NITI Aayog CEO Amitabh Kant has said that under PP model these stations will be made of global standard. He said that there is an appeal that private companies from India and abroad take part in this bidding process.

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Amitabh Kant further said, "Reconstruction of stations and operation of trains by private companies will create a win-win situation for both railways and private companies. New Delhi and Mumbai railway stations will be completely rejuvenated. 1.5 in the country's GDP The railways can contribute 2 percent of that. And it is also possible. "

He said, "Railways are not being privatized. Private companies will run trains for a few years. There will be technology and investment. There is a need for modernization in the country. Banks like ICICI, HDFC come to the country and SBI is not closed like that. There will be no damage from the rail, but competition will increase. "

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Vinod Kumar Yadav, CEO and Chairman of the Railway Board, said, "The plan to invest Rs 13.5 lakh crore is in the next 5 years. By March 2024, passengers and goods trains are moving in that direction according to the demand. People have problems in waiting lists. For the general public, which will continue to run normal trains. Rather, they will get to travel with more facilities. "

He said, "The user charge will be of a very small amount. We will issue notifications for this. The user charge will remain with the railway till the reconstruction of the stations is done. The railway stations and where there is more or more passenger traffic are expected to be there. User charge will be taken. There are 7000 railway stations right now, 10 to 15% of this can be charged in 1050 railway stations. "

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