Leopard was roaming on the road people started making videos then something like this happened Watch Viral Video – Leopard was roaming on the road, people started making videos, then something like that happened


Leopard was roaming on the road, people started making videos

A video of the leopard is going viral on social media, people are surprised to see it. In this video, a leopard is seen roaming the street openly, around which there are many people and they are all making this Leopard Video. This video is being told about Himachal’s Tirthan Valley. In the video, some people are trying to escape from the fear of leopards, while some people are making a video of them by going near them. The video is being watched repeatedly on the Internet. People are making many types of comments by watching the video. Some people are saying that a mistake has been made by leaving the leopard open like this.

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This video has been shared by IFS Susanta Nanda on his Twitter account. Along with the video, he wrote the caption, “Looking for your vehicle.” This video has been viewed more than 11 thousand times so far. Apart from this, a lot of likes and comments are also coming on the video. In the video, you can see yourself how the leopard is roaming around on the road. Many vehicles are standing on the road and there are many people around it. Some people are trying to get away from the leopard by means of it, while some people have come very close to making a video of it.


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