Leopard attacked 8-year-old son, mother saves dust by leopard eye | Leopard attack 8-year-old son, mother rescues son by putting dust in animal’s eyes


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Aryan with parents. The mother tried the trick and drove away the leopard.

The leopard attacked a child on Saturday morning in Barula village of Gir-Somnath district, but was rescued by the mother. Hearing the son’s voice, the mother came running and confronted the leopard. The mother filled the dust in her hand and started hitting on the leopard’s face, causing the leopard to panic and run away leaving the child. The child was moderately injured, which has been given first aid.

Aryan was marginally injured.

Aryan was marginally injured.

Mother was working in the farm
According to information from Barula village, Manjuben was working in his farm and his 8-year-old son Aryan was playing nearby. Meanwhile, suddenly a leopard attacked Aryan. Hearing his screams, the mother ran and filled the dust and mud in both the hands and started hitting on the leopard’s eyes. This caused the leopard to panic and release the child.

The villagers immediately rushed to the hospital
Aryan’s back was injured by the leopard attack. People immediately rushed him to the hospital. The doctor said in the investigation that there is a minor wound to the claw, it will heal in a few days. After this, the brave mother is being discussed everywhere.


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