LAUGHING GAS Could be used to treat depression Study reveals low doses of nitrous oxide can relieve symptoms | Depression will be removed from laughing gas, on whom even depression medicine does not work, this gas proved to be effective even on those

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  • LAUGHING GAS Could Be Used To Treat Depression Study Reveals Low Doses Of Nitrous Oxide Can Relieve Symptoms

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  • Scientists of Chicago University of America claimed in research
  • Said, the effect of treatment was shown in the research for a longer time than expected

Scientists from the University of Chicago have come up with a new way to overcome depression. Scientists say that the symptoms of depression can be reduced by inhaling nitrous oxide ie laughing gas for two weeks. Scientists say, this method is also effective for such patients suffering from depression who are not affected by anti-depressant drugs.

Gas can be given even in emergency
According to scientists, 25 percent of the patients were inhaled laughing gas. There were minor side effects of this gas, but the effect of the treatment was seen for a longer time than expected. Laughing gas can also be used on patients who need immediate treatment.

25% gas content more effective
Researcher and anesthesiologist Peter Nagel says, 24 patients involved in the research were inhaled gas for an hour. During this, the level of nitrous gas was kept at both 25 and 50 percent. The results showed that the gas with 25% concentration proved to be more effective than 50% nitrous oxide. Along with this, side effects also decreased.

According to the researchers, laughing gas is commonly used to relieve pain in oral problems and surgery, in addition to giving anesthesia.

Anti-depressants not effective in 15% of patients
Researcher Charles Conway says, in about 15 percent of people with depression, anti-depressant drugs do not work. Why these drugs do not work is not yet known. As a result, patients struggle with depression and suffer for years. But the new method of treatment will prove to be an option for the treatment of depression.

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