Latest News On Italian Marines case; Center seeks closure of case in SC after Arbitration Court's order | Appeal in the Supreme Court of the Center – Case closed against Italian Marines; The International Court of Justice has ruled it out of Indian law.

  • In 2012, two Indian fishermen were killed by two Italian marines.
  • On Thursday, the International Court asked Italy to make up for the loss

Daily newspaper

Jul 03, 2020, 09:44 PM IST

new Delhi. The government has filed an application in the Supreme Court to close the case against the two Italian villagers. In 2012, two Indian fishermen were killed by both navies on the coastline in Kerala. A day earlier, the International Court has given a decision in this matter.
The International Court had said that the matter is outside the purview of Indian law. At the same time, Italy has also been asked to make up for the loss in this case. The central government told the court on Friday that India has decided to accept the decision of the International Court.

What is the matter?
On 15 February 2012, two Indian fishermen were shot dead at sea near Kerala by Italian naval salvatore Girone and Massimilano Latore. India had arrested both. Italy said that this incident happened outside the Indian maritime boundary, so India could not take action. India said that if the killed fishermen are Indians, then India will also take action.

India sent navies to Italy in 2015
In 2015, India sent both Italian marines to Italy to relax and bail in the voting. Later Italy did not send these troops back. The relationship between the two countries was severely disturbed.


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