Large Spider Eating A Bird Horrifying Video Is Going Viral

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Spider eats alive bird, viral on social media, shocking video

A shocking video that has surfaced online, shows a large spider eating a bird. The video was originally posted on Reddit. In the video, the spider is sitting on a wooden beam and has implanted the bird in its mouth. Here she is trying to eat the bird. The spider looks quite big. This video is becoming increasingly viral on social media.

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daily Mail According to the news of the Reddit user who shared this video, he has described this spider as Goliath bird eater, which is not true at all. Goliath bird eater is considered to be the world's largest spider. The spider shown in the video is Pink Toe Trancula.

The footage has frightened the audience, many people are calling it scary and frightening. After being posted on Reddit, it was shared earlier this month on the popular Twitter account 'The Dark Side of Nature'.

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This video was shared on September 1, which has so far garnered 3.6 lakh views. Video hosting website Gfycat However, it has crossed one million views. One user wrote, 'This is very scary.' The other user wrote, 'I hope that it will not be real. After today I will never go to my shed.

Jason Dunlap of the Museum of Natural History at the Leibniz Institute for Evolution and Biodiversity Research in Germany Newsweek Told that the spider appears to be a pink-toed pink toe trancula (Aviculia aviculia). "

This spider is found in South America. They are active hunters who live on trees. It eats small insects.

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