Land mafia bosses facing trouble due to action: Yogi Adityanath – trouble for landfields leaders from action: Yogi Adityanath


Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath (file photo)


Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath (CM Yogi Adityanath), while fully justifying his government’s action against land mafia, alleged that these mafia elements by forcibly liberating the land of the captured poor The leaders are having problems. In his address after inaugurating the ‘Chief Minister Arogya Mela’ here on Sunday, Yogi said, “Today if there is any fear within anyone, then he is among the criminals, mafia and gangsters who have robbed the society.” Have tried to allocate the funds of the state. Those people are afraid today. Hanging planks around his neck.

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He said, “Today the government is running in the state with a resolution. Earlier, the mafia used to occupy the land of poor and businessmen. Today, while the bulldozers are running on the roofs of land mafias, the criminals are running away, but their leaders are also having trouble. “Yogi said without taking any name,” These leaders did not have trouble when any poor , Were the land mafia or criminals occupied the land of a businessman or a common man? They are facing problems when the properties of poor and farmers are being freed from criminals and mafias. ”

The Chief Minister alleged, “Today there is a lapse in the hearts of criminals’ leaders that the bulldozers of the government are running on the roofs of their operatives. He is afraid that this bulldozer may not turn around any more. Was on the side of the statement. Akhilesh had said in Banda, “The process of demolishing this building is going on in Uttar Pradesh.” After all, whose map is nearby? There is no map of any of the old people. We are living in the house that my grandfather’s great grandfather built. At that time there was no authority to pass the map either.

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He was taunting the government and said, “Break these houses whenever you want. How illegal it would have been, who would know better than you. So only one, two or three men can be identified and demolish their houses… If the same tradition goes on, when another government comes tomorrow, then by marking it, the bulldozer will take you. The officers who are working for them today, will start working for another government by hitting the salute tomorrow.

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