Lalu Prasad Yadav BJP MLA Lalan Paswan Phone Call Recording Viral | Bihar Assembly Speaker Election Latest News | Lalu called BJP MLA Lalan Paswan from jail, said 3 times – get absent from the Speaker’s election

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Patna2 minutes ago

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In the audio, Lalu is telling Lalan Paswan that he will take you forward. – File photo.

Voting is due today for the election of the speaker in the Bihar Legislative Assembly. Earlier, an audio of RJD national president Lalu Prasad Yadav is going viral. In this, Lalu is talking to BJP MLA Lalan Paswan from Pirappati on mobile. Lalu is saying to get absent from voting for the Speaker’s election in the Legislative Assembly. Lalu said this 3 times. They also said that they will carry you forward.

Read the entire conversation … First of all Lalu’s assistant: Hello, Pranam sir, MLA is speaking … No, his PA is speaking Lalu’s assistant: Come on, sir, I will talk to Honorable Lalu Prasad Yadav … MLA Ka PA: Hello, from where sir … Lalu’s assistant: will talk to Ranchi..sabh .. Lalu: Yes, Paswan ji, congratulations … Paswan: Pranam, Charan touch .. Lalu: Yes, listen, we Will take you further there … Tomorrow (November 25), which is the election of the speaker … We will make you a minister … Tomorrow he will drop (JDU-BJP government) … Paswan: We are not in the party or Sir … Lalu: If you are in the party, then become observant … Corona was done, the speaker (here it is not clearly heard) … Then we will see … No … Paswan: Sir, a little bit in the party … (hesitating) Alright Sir … Lalu: Get obsessed, you Paswan ji … Paswan: We have come to your notice, sir … we will talk … okay … Lalu: Okay .. become obsessed

JDU has taken a big decision in view of horse trading of MLAs for the post of Speaker. To save the image of the party and the government, Parliamentary Affairs Minister Vijay Chaudhary has issued a whip for JDU MLAs.

Sushil Modi gave Lalu’s number in tweet
Sushil Modi tweeted that NDA MLAs are being contacted from a particular number. This number belongs to Lalu Yadav and when he called the number, Lalu Yadav directly received it. Sushil Modi then asked Lalu to stop this dirty game. You will never succeed.

The mobile number 8051216302 mentioned by Sushil Modi in his tweet, when it was checked on ‘True Caller’, the number was saved as ‘Irfan Ranchi Lalu Ji’. Irfan has been an old close to Lalu Prasad.


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