KYC Document Fraud To Phishing Mail; What to do? Tips By India Cyber ​​Advisor Dr. Nishakant Ojha | Cyber ​​attacks can happen from anywhere, whether messages, mail or social media; You have to keep these important things in mind on every platform

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  • KYC Document Fraud To Phishing Mail; What to do? Tips By India Cyber ​​Advisor Dr. Nishakant Ojha

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During the Corona epidemic, the number of cyber attacks in the country has also increased rapidly. According to global security firm Kaspersky, 45% of online users in India were cyber attacked last year. At the same time, India ranked 43rd in the world in such a case. According to the UN, cybercrime has increased by 350% in all countries. Most of the people are being cheated in the name of KYC update.

A similar case has come up recently in Bilaspur (Chhattisgarh). Here the additional manager of NTPC was cheated of Rs 5.85 lakh. The thugs messaged him with the download link of the mobile quick support app to update his KYC and asked him to transfer Rs 10. As soon as he completed the process by installing the app, Rs 5.85 lakh was withdrawn from his account in six times.

Let us understand how you can avoid such cyber attacks.

What is the first thing to do if there is a cyber attack on the phone?

Dr. Nishakant Ojha, Cyber ​​Advisor in the Government of India, said that the hackers also give a link in the SMS that comes on the phone, which is actually a malware. As soon as the user clicks on such a link, the malware activates and gives access to your system to the hacker. If such a situation ever occurs, the system should be shut down. This will break the connectivity, but it is not guaranteed that it will not be damaged. If this happens to a novice, then he should first turn off his phone and remove the SIM. Then after at least 10 seconds it should be turned on again.

By the way, many such cases have come to the fore in the past when people were duped in the name of KYC or phishing calls. To avoid this type of fraud, what are the things you should keep in mind, we are telling here.

Ways to avoid fraud from SMS

These days many users keep getting SMS with personal loans, KYC, bank offers, gift vouchers or other lures. A link is given in these messages. It is said in the message to take advantage of the offer from this link or complete the KYC. As soon as the user clicks on it, an app or virus is installed in his phone. They can easily steal your phone data and bank details. Not only this, in this way even people’s bank accounts are emptied. Google had also banned hundreds of such fake apps on the Play Store.

How to beware of Phishing Mail, Messages and Calls?
‘Phishing’ means to cheat by giving greed. Nowadays all kinds of offers are being given through message, call and mail. All branded phones, laptops and electronic accessories including iPhones are being offered at nominal prices. Offering cashback and credit cards by becoming a fake banker is also quite a trend in the world of fraud. By giving similar lure, his personal details are being taken from the customer and later his account is being emptied.

How to Avoid Fake Friend?
A new method is in trend in the world of cybercrime. In this, a new request is sent on Facebook or Instagram by creating a fake profile in the name of your close friend. Then by sending a message, money is asked in the name of emergency. Everything from photos to info is being put in the fake profile, due to which people do not suspect at all, but by keeping some things in mind, you can find out that the profile from which money is being sought is fake. Or not.

Fraud happening in the name of customer care
Nowadays customer support is available for every product and service. In such a situation, people immediately start searching for the number of customer support in case of any problem. Cybercriminals have already put their own numbers on the Internet in the name of customer support. People misunderstand it as a customer support number and call it.

Later, as a fake customer care executive, criminals carry out the fraud by taking their personal details from them. According to media reports, most of the fake customer support numbers of digital payment applications such as Google Pay, PhonePe, Paytm have been put on the internet, due to which the customers themselves are reaching out to cyber criminals.

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