Kya Yahi Hain Acche Din Shiv Sena posters in Mumbai referring to the oil prices of 2015 and 2021


Shivsena on Petrol Diesel Price Hike: Posters placed in Bandra, Mumbai


Of petrol and diesel Petrol Diesel Price Hike Now the government is looking for trouble. Shivsena (Shivsena) It has also intensified the siege of the Modi government on this subject. Posters have been put up by Shiv Sena in Bandra area of ​​Mumbai, comparing the prices of gas, petrol and diesel for the year 2015 and 2020 and asked whether this is a good day? In these posters, the price of petrol in 2015 has been stated to be Rs 64.60 while in 2021 it has been increased to Rs 96.62 per liter (today’s latest price in Mumbai is Rs 97 per liter). The change in diesel prices can also be seen in the poster. In 2015, where diesel was getting Rs 52.11 per liter, in 2021 it has gone up to Rs 88.06. There has also been a significant change in the prices of LPG used in LPG. In 2015, where the price of LPG gas cylinder was Rs 572, 50 paise, now it has increased to Rs 791.

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Let us tell you that due to the price increase, the price of petrol has increased to Rs 90.58 per liter in Delhi and Rs 97 per liter in Mumbai. Mumbai is the most expensive among the four major metros in terms of fuel prices. The central government is surrounded all-round these days. On the one hand, public anger is on the other side, but political parties have started barricading.


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On Saturday, several political parties including Sonia Gandhi, Mayawati and Akhilesh Yadav raised questions about the rising prices of petrol. Congress President Sonia Gandhi wrote a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday about the rising fuel and gas prices in the country and alleged that the government is profiteering by increasing the suffering of the people instead of alleviating their suffering and suffering. Gandhi appealed to Modi to follow ‘Raj Dharma’ and reduce prices by partial reduction in excise duty.


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