Kumar Vishwas reacted to the trend of unemployment, said- think about those who are waiting for jobs… – Kumar Vishwas reacted to the trend of unemployment, said- think about those who are waiting for jobs…


On social media, trend is being made about increasing unemployment in the country.

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While the corona virus epidemic and lockdown have destroyed the industry, the epidemic has become a formidable crisis for the employed people. Employment has been lost and unemployment has increased. Now on this issue, poet Kumar Vishwas has put his point. Amidst the trend of unemployment on social media, including Twitter, Kumar Vishwas wrote, "Just think about those children with their hearts, that children who study hard, even after passing competitive exams, Government Kahili Have been waiting for my job for years! Think how painful life must have been for them? Be devoted to any party leader, but ask the questions of concerns from governments! Governments are not countries, friends! Come and go! ''

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According to a report, more than one crore people have registered for jobs on the government portal, but only 1.77 lakh jobs are available. Significantly, when Narendra Modi became Prime Minister, he promised the youth of the country that he would provide employment to two crore youth every year. But the situation is that 14 crore people in the country have become unemployed.

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Let me tell you that in the monsoon session of Parliament, the issue of increasing trend of suicides was raised due to mass unemployment of people due to corona virus epidemic and frustration arising in them. The government was requested to give an allowance of Rs 15,000 every month to those who lost their livelihood due to the lockdown implemented to prevent the spread of corona virus.

Significantly, due to the lockdown, the livelihood of crores of people has been affected and many families have been shattered. In such a situation, the education of the children remained far away, they have been forced to sleep hungry. Due to the epidemic, mental stress and frustration are increasing among the people. In such a situation, people are moving towards suicide.

The situation is that due to snatching employment, a large number of people resorted to PF withdrawal. This is the reason that according to the latest data of the Ministry of Labor, the Employees Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) disposed of 94.41 lakh PF withdrawal applications during April to August 2020. During these four months, PF holders withdrew an amount of 35445 crores. This is 32% more than in April-August, 2019.

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