Kolkata lawyer sentenced to jail for strangling husband with wire of mobile phone charger – Kolkata lawyer sentenced to jail for strangling husband with wire of mobile phone charger


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Kolkata :

A fast-track court in Bengal's North 24 Parganas district sentenced a lawyer to life imprisonment for killing her husband with a wire of a mobile phone charger. Additional District and Sessions Judge Sujit Kumar Jha on Monday convicted advocate Anindita Pal in the murder case. The court sentenced him to life imprisonment and a fine of Rs 10,000.

The court found the accused guilty of "disappearing the evidence" and sentenced him to one year in jail for doing so. Both the cases were sentenced simultaneously. Special Public Prosecutor Bibhas Chatterjee demanded capital punishment for the accused and claimed that it was a pre-determined conspiracy.

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The court, however, sentenced the accused to life imprisonment. There are no eyewitnesses in the case and the punishment is based on circumstantial evidence. Anindita Pal said that she is being implicated and she will continue her fight till the "last drop of blood".

During the trial, the prosecution had claimed that on the night of 24 and 25 November 2018, Anindita Pal strangled her husband Rajat Dey to death in her New Town flat in Kolkata by wiring a mobile phone charger. . The prosecution claimed that there was a strained relationship between the husband and wife which led to the murder of Rajat Dey.

Although Anindita's side claims that the husband of the accused was sleeping in another room, Anindita reached there after her voice came from her room. Rajat Dey's father had lodged an FIR in the case alleging that Anindita Pal had killed her son. The accused was arrested by the police on 29 November.

The trial and arguments in the case were completed in March this year. Both Anindita Pal and her husband were lawyers in the Kolkata High Court.

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