Kisan Mahapanchayat: Priyanka Gandhi vadra targets Narendra modi government, 6 points – Keep your Govardhan Parvat somewhere ..: Priyanka Gandhi strongly attacked Narendra Modi government, 6 things ..

Priyanka Gandhi Vadra strongly slammed the Modi government in her address (file photo)

Kisan Mahapanchayat: This is the fourth Kisan Panchayat of Priyanka. By taking up the issues related to farmers, Priyanka is not only adopting an aggressive stance on the central government but is also trying to save the Congress vote bank which has been away from the party for a long time.

Important information related to the case:

  1. During his address in Mathura, the city of Lord Krishna, Priyanka told the people of Mathura, keep your Govardhan Parvat somewhere and don’t sell it.

  2. This law (agricultural law) has been made by those cultivating notes. This statute is designed for trumpeters

  3. This land of Mathura breaks the ego. Here Shri Krishnaji, Indra brought the Govardhan mountain to break the ego of God. From 90 days to 90 days, farmers have been demanding their rights, but the government beat them up but did not listen to them. The Prime Minister who roamed every corner of the world but could not reach the borders of Delhi.

  4. Gaushalas in the Braj region have a bad condition, the cow dynasty is getting neither fodder nor water. Government allocated 200 crores in the name of Gaushalas .. Where are those rupees?

  5. He is arrogant and cowardly prime minister. They blame the previous government. Thank you that the previous government had made something. You have not made anything They sold the industries of the people which the previous governments made.

  6. As long as you (the farmer) keep fighting, I will keep fighting. Lord Shri Krishna will break the ego of this government. We will break the ego of this government


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