Keyless Car Stolen Cases In India; Prevention And What Is Automatic Car Insurance Claim Process | In 5 minutes, the thief took the hi-tech fortuner, with the help of frequency, the key-less entry was broken; How to protect such car from theft, how to claim?

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  • Keyless Car Stolen Cases In India; Prevention And What Is Automatic Car Insurance Claim Process

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The car has now been equipped with many advanced features. They can be operated from a smartphone. It doesn’t even require a key, gear and even a driver to operate it. However, is your car completely safe even after being so advanced? Hi-tech and fully automatic Fortuner worth 38.5 lakhs was stolen in just 5 minutes in Bhopal. So can such an expensive car be stolen easily? After all, how do such advanced cars get stolen so easily? We are here to tell you everything about this…

First know the case of theft of Fortuner
The theft of Fully Automatic Fortuner was carried out by 3 thieves with complete planning. What everyone has to do during the theft, it was prepared in advance.

  • First Thief: In the CCTV footage, it was the responsibility of the miscreant with a headband to open the door of the Fortuner. At 4:31 am, he reached near the door of the car and broke the keyless entry in just one and a half minutes.
  • Second thief Arrive near the train at 4:36 am. His responsibility was to de-code the vehicle. It took him three minutes to de-code the SUV and he is seen carrying an iPod in his hand.
  • Third Thief: An i20 was in the car, which was of Bhopal number. Police sources say that this car was sold in Ujjain about two years ago. The team has left for Ujjain to investigate this.

Now understand how so many advanced cars get stolen?
We often feel that a car with a keyless entry is safer than a car with a normal key. However, as technology is getting advanced, thieves are also becoming more advanced. We can also call these thieves as hackers. They use these 3 methods to steal hi-tech and advanced cars…

Car theft method number-1
Frequency method help

When we press the button on the remote or key of a car with keyless entry, a frequency or radio waves is emitted from the remote. The frequency is between 300 and 400 MHz. It reaches the receiver inside the car, on the basis of which it takes action. In this case, thieves read that frequency with the help of a frequency reader. When you go away from the car, apply the same frequency to the car and steal it.

Car theft method number-2
help of relay method

This is the most advanced way to steal a car. The biggest drawback of the keyless entry remote is the use of it. The nature of keyless entry remote is that it keeps dropping frequency continuously. This is the reason why the car gets unlocked whenever you approach the car. While stealing a car with the relay method, a thief stands near your house and reads that frequency with the help of a device. At the same time, another thief is standing near the car. He has a device that receives the frequency and converts it, which opens the car door.

Car theft method number-3
OBD Method Help

The onboard diagnostic (OBD) method is the most common car stolen in India. All cars have an OBD port in their dashboard. The thief reaches inside the car and connects the laptop to this port. Then diagnoses the entire system of the car. That is, by tampering with the security system of the car, they easily steal it.

how to protect car from theft
Hi-tech theft of a car can be prevented with the help of Faraday sleeves. It acts as a signal carrier. You can place your car’s keyless entry remote inside it. This will not pass the signal through. In such a situation, stealing from the relay method will become a difficult task. Place the OBD port elsewhere with the help of a technician. So that even if a thief reaches inside the car, then he will not get the port. Apart from this, use these 5 accessories too…

1. Wheel Lock (Starting at Rs.1000)
Parking police often use this lock. They are made of metal and are very strong, it is not so easy to break or cut. Its plus point is that it is visible from outside the car. In such a situation, if a thief is thinking of stealing your car, then maybe change his mind. It is easily available online as well as offline.

2. Steering Wheel Lock (Starting at Rs.600)
These locks are available in a variety of designs but all work to prevent the steering from turning. Some new steering locks also get the feature of alarm, as soon as someone tries to open them, the alarm will sound. There are also some locks available in the market that lock the steering as well as the brake or accelerator pedal.

3. Paddle Lock (Starting at Rs.700)
Like the steering wheel, the pedal lock is also used to lock the accelerator and brakes. If it is installed in the car, then no thief will be able to steal your car easily. Any one of these locks can also be used or more than one lock can also be used for more security.

4. Hood Lock (Starting Rs.500)
In many cases, when the thief is unable to steal the vehicle, he targets the engine or the battery. In such a situation, hood locks can prove to be very useful. If the vehicle has a hood lock, then the thief will not be able to open the hood of the vehicle even after making all efforts, due to which the battery, engine and other parts of the vehicle will be safe.

5. Gear Shift Lock (Starting Rs.500)
A gear shift lock can also be used to protect the vehicle from theft. It locks the gear shifter completely. In such a situation, even if the thief gets into the car and starts the engine, then the vehicle will not be able to move forward. Gear shift locks are very strong, they are easy to break and difficult to cut.

Process for claiming insurance in case of car theft

If your car is stolen, then first of all get an FIR registered in the police station of your area. Hand over a copy of it to the insurance company. Now the police will start searching your car. If she fails to locate the car, she closes the case by issuing a final report. This report is placed before the magistrate of the area concerned. From there the complainant gets the copy of the report. The insurance company gives the claim on the basis of this copy. You will get the same amount as the Insured Declared Value (IDV) in the last insurance of your vehicle. This whole process may take 2 months or more.

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