Kerala Assembly Elections 2021: CM Pinarayi Vijayan shot back questions at Amit Shah, Gold and dollar smuggling case, RSS Connection


Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan hit back at Union Home Minister and senior BJP leader Amit Shah and asked him questions in the Gold Smuggling case. A day earlier, while addressing the election meeting in Kerala, Amit Shah had asked seven questions in the Gold and Dollar Smuggling Case. Shah had said that links with smuggling of gold and dollars have been linked to the government of Kerala.

Shah was quoted by investigative agencies as saying that the links of smuggling of gold in the state were linked to the ruling Left government of the state. He said that the Customs Department had told the Kerala High Court that the smuggling accused had made sensational revelations against Chief Minister Vijayan, Assembly Speaker P Sriramakrishnan and several ministers.

The allegation of Amit Shah has been termed as an insult to the state by the Chief Minister of Kerala and has said that the BJP leader’s remarks are going to humiliate Kerala. Vijayan said, “Amit Shah’s campaign insulted Kerala. He said that Kerala is a land of corruption. We must remember that many agencies have proved that Kerala is the least corrupt in India but the Congress has also commented No objection because the two are the same. “

Vijayan then retaliated on seven questions raised by Amit Shah and asked his question, all of which were related to the gold smuggling case. He asked, “Is not a known person of a Sangh Parivar one of the main conspirators of smuggling gold in diplomatic baggage? Do you not know that? Does the customs completely stop anti-national activities like gold smuggling?” Is not responsible for this? Is the Thiruvananthapuram airport not completely under the central government? ”

Vijayan did not stop at this. He asked, “How did the Thiruvananthapuram airport become a gold smuggling base after the BJP came to power?” Vijayan asked, “Were the Sangh Parivar people not intentionally appointed to various positions at Thiruvananthapuram Airport to facilitate smuggling of gold? The investigation was going on right then did the investigation direction not change when it came to your own people. Pointing towards? Wasn’t he the head of your party channel, on which the accused had said that it is not a diplomatic baggage? ” He said that Amit Shah should answer these questions.


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