Kerala Assembly Election Results 2021: Smallest victory Margin in Kerala was by just 38 votes, Shailaja teacher set the record for the biggest win


Kerala Election Results 2021 Updates: CM Pinarayi Vijyan to become CM in Kerala for the second time

New Delhi:

Kerala Wining Candidates Full List: In the Kerala Assembly Elections 2021, this time many LDFs have set a record of coming to power for the second time in a row, along with many other records have been set. All elections were won except one minister in the Cabinet of Kerala Government. In Kerala, the narrowest margin of victory was won by Najeeb Kantapuram of Indian Union Muslim League who defeated Independent candidate KPM Mustafa from Perinthalamanna seat by just 38 votes. But one candidate from IUML also lost by a small number of votes.

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From Kutiyadi seat, KP Kunhamad Kutty Master of CPM defeated Parakkal Abdullah of IUML by 333 votes. The BJP was hopeful that it would win at least one seat in the Kerala Assembly elections this time too. But the strong contenders for victory from BJP lost to state president K Surendran Manjeshwar seat by 745 votes to AKM Ashraf of IUML. From Tanur seat, V Abudurrahman of National Secular Conference defeated the IUML candidate by 985 votes. The result of the Tripuranithura and Thrissur seats was also decided by 992 and 946 votes respectively.

Biggest win in name of Shailaja teacher —
KK Shailaja Teacher (Kerala Health Minister KK Shailja) from Mattanur defeated the Illikal Augusti of the Revolutionary Socialist Party by 60963 votes. Shailaja Teacher is the Health Minister of Kerala and she has been praised all over the world for overcoming the corona during the first wave. CPM leader and Chief Minister Pinaraya Vijayan won the Dharmadom seat from the Congress. Defeated Raghunathan by 50123 votes. CPI M Vision defeated Congress Advocate Brajesh Kumar by 44393 votes from Kaliaseri seat.

NRC candidate lost in Puducherry by 135 votes
PRN Thirumurugan of All India NR Congress defeated AV Subramanian of Congress by 135 votes from Karaikal North seat in Puducherry. DMK’s R Senthilkumar defeated A Dhanavelau of AINRC by 211 votes from Bahaur seat. Independent O Shivkhankar from Ojhukrai seat defeated NG Pannir Selvam of AINRC by 819 votes. Independent candidate from Yanam seat G Srinivas Ashok defeated AINRC chief N Rangasamy by 655 votes.

Congress candidate won by 300 votes
Ramesh Parambath of Congress (Congress) defeated Mahendra N Haridasan Master by 300 votes from Mahe seat. From Nellithope seat, Richard Johnkumar of BJP defeated DMK (DMK) KV Kartiguyane by 496 votes. The biggest win in Puducherry was from Indiranagar seat to V Aroumougame (AKD) of AINRC, who defeated M. Kannan of Congress by 18531 votes.


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