Kejriwal said, the whole country has the right to get free corona vaccine


Free Corona Vaccine: BJP has promised election of free corona vaccine in Bihar

new Delhi:

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has again raised the issue of free corona vaccine across the country. At the inauguration of Shastri Park and Seelampur flyover, Kejriwal said that the entire country has the right to free vaccine. All the people are worried about Corona so the whole country should get free vaccine.

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Kejriwal said that he wants to congratulate the people of Delhi and especially the people of Yamunapar. Both these flyovers have started. With the start of Shastri Park and Seelampur flyovers, the route from ISBT to UP border can be completed in about 10 minutes. Signal free and red light free. At first there seemed to be too much jam, the public was very upset that this flyover was to be worth 303 crore. 250 crore we have saved ₹ 53 crore. As you see in most projects of Delhi government. Completed in less than a year and a half, it was completed in less than 9 months, due to which the corona and GRAP took about 9 months in between. I also congratulate all the engineers of PWD for this wonderful project. The first government has come, which is doing so much work for the people of Yamunapar, we have built the signature bridge and are now constructing flyovers. A lot of work is being done in Yamunapar.

Will step up the onion price
We will take whatever necessary steps are needed to take onion prices. You can understand that prices are increasing in the whole country, the central government should intervene in this. So that the whole country can be controlled.

CBSE will pay exam fee
We are trying our best now that the situation is such that tax has stopped completely. Under such condition, all of us have to face this trouble together. We have always had a desire, we have always given the highest priority to education, we want to give as much convenience to our children as possible, whatever we will become.


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