Kashmirs sisters salute the Corona warriors by making artwork on ice, people gathered to see


The artwork of both the sisters of Kashmir is being well liked


Due to snowfall and Kovid-19 in Kashmir Valley, people are imprisoned in homes. At this time, two sisters of the Kashmir Valley have expressed their gratitude to the Corona warriors by making the Kashmir Snow Sculpture. One of the two sisters studied law and the other studied medical. People flocked to see this artwork.

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In the courtyard of the house of both sisters in Srinagar’s Yajan, people are flocking to see the artwork carved on the snow. Doctor Kurtul Ain Zohra and Ayman Zohra have created it. The image of a female doctor has been made on ice. He holds a syringe-filled syringe filled with Kovid-19 vaccine. Also, the WHO has written the short name of the World Health Organization. Kurtul Ain said that thanks have been given to those who fought on the war against Kovid-19, especially those standing on the front in Kashmir.

Doctors, para medical staff, police, ambulance drivers and media have played a role in fighting against the epidemic. The sisters said that through their artwork they are also giving the message of women empowerment. However, when asked how a doctor and a lawyer got involved in making ice creations, he said that the art is in our blood. We used to participate in art competitions to win our school days and win. After completing our education, we started fulfilling this hobby as a makeup artist.

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