Karnataka Woman Dressed In Saree Capturing A Snake Video Is Going Viral – Snake was hiding in the house, wearing a sari, the woman going to the wedding caught and then


Viral Video: The snake was hiding in the house, the woman going to the wedding wearing a sari caught and then …

A woman dressed in a sari caught the snake hidden in the house in a great way. This video is becoming increasingly viral on social media. People are surprised to see this video. The woman has been identified as Nirjara Chitti. She hails from Karnataka and is a snake rescuer. The woman caught the snake very calmly and the people standing there kept watching them and started shooting on mobile.

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The rare cobra snake was filmed last year, the video was posted on Twitter three days ago and then went viral. In a video of less than 2 minutes, Chitti is seen in a sari, which is not comfortable for this kind of work, at least in the case of catching snakes.

In the video, Chitti is seen using a stick to catch the venomous snake from behind a cupboard and is then picked up. She was also heard saying that she was ready for a ceremony and she could not change the sari before coming. She says, "But I am not going to handle this because of the sari." He told that it became very difficult to catch the snake due to this dress.

The Twitter user who shared the clip initially identified the snake catcher as Virat Bhagini. She later clarified that Nirajra was actually Chitti in the video. Posting the video on Twitter, the caption read, 'Snake catcher Virat Bhagini was ready for marriage when she was called to catch the snake at home. They caught the snake without any equipment. Then he wrote, 'My friend has told that this is a naked girl.'

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This video was shared on September 12, which has so far garnered 4.5 lakh views. Also, more than 9 thousand likes and 2 thousand re-tweets have been done. People liked this video very much and praised the snake catcher.

The snake rasque took place in April last year, with Nirajra Chitti and her husband Anand sharing the video on their YouTube channel. He wrote, 'Nirjara was to attend a wedding ceremony, but in the middle she received a rescue call, so she immediately went to the rescue and rescued this cobra.' The snake was identified as an Indian spycatched cobra.


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