Karnataka Agriculture Minister tells farmers who committed suicide are cowardly, Congress demands apology – Karnataka Agriculture Minister tells farmers who committed suicide



Karnataka Agriculture Minister BC Patil said on Thursday that farmers who commit suicide are cowards. Addressing the farmers at Ponampet in Kodagu district of Karnataka, the Agriculture Minister said, “” Those farmers who commit suicide are cowards. Only those cowards commit suicide, who cannot take care of their wife and children. ”

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Patil was telling the bamboo producers in Ponampet how profitable the agribusiness is. Along with this, he said that some cowards do not realize this and they commit suicide.

In support of his statement, Patil gave the example of a woman who was wearing gold bangles. The minister said, “” When I took information about where the gold bangles came from in his hands, you know what he said? He said that this mother earth has given me this for 35 years of hard work. “” Patil asked, “” You are not happy to hear all this. “

He said that when a woman is completely dependent on agriculture and achieves success, why can’t other farmers do the same.


Reacting to this, Karnataka Congress spokesperson VS Ugrappa termed the minister’s statement as insulting to the farming community and condemned it. “It is an insult to the farmers,” Ugrappa told PTI. He (Patil) should apologize for this.

The Congress leader said that the minister should go to the root of this matter and find out why some farmers commit suicide. Ugrappa said, “” No farmer wants to commit suicide. There are many reasons, such as flood, drought… which has not been resolved yet. Instead of understanding the seriousness of the problem, the minister is making such an irresponsible statement. ”

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