Kangana VS BMC: After breaking the office, BMC has now issued notice to the housing society of the actress, sought many information | 6 days after breaking the office of the actress, BMC also gave notice to her housing society, asking for 5 details including the details of the members

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  • Kangana VS BMC: After Breaking The Office, BMC Has Now Issued Notice To The Housing Society Of The Actress, Sought Many Information

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Photo is of 10 September. Kangana reached her office the next day of BMC action.

  • BMC ransacked Kangana's office in Pali Hill on 9 September
  • Kangana seeks compensation of Rs 2 crore from BMC by putting petition in court

6 days after Kangana Ranot's Pali Hill office broke, BMC on Tuesday issued a notice to their society (Chetak), asking for details of its members. Chetak Society is a cooperative society. It is believed that BMC may also take some other action in this case. Earlier, BMC had also given notice of removal of illegal construction in Kangra's house in Khar.

BMC Asked for these 5 details from Kangana's society

  • Information of key members of the society and list of partners
  • Society meetings, bank account details in last 3 years
  • Transfer list of members with election process
  • Allocation detail of rail house and bungalows
  • Knowledge of other papers including agreement

Kangana BMC Asked for compensation of 2 crores
On September 9, BMC ransacked Kangana's Pali Hill office. The actress challenged this action in the Bombay High Court. Now applying the revision petition, BMC should give them a compensation of Rs 2 crore for the damage caused by the sabotage. Kangana has also met Maharashtra Governor Bhagat Singh Koshyari in this matter. Earlier, Union Minister Ramdas Athawale had also met the Governor and said that Kangana should be compensated.

Kangana bought the Pali Hill bungalow in 2017. Its renovation was completed in January this year. He made it an office-less residence. BMC had termed the construction illegal. According to its 1979 plan, this bungalow is listed in Residential Property.



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