kangana ranaut tweets its office photos news and updates | Kangana Ranot shared the photo of the broken office and said- This is rape of my dreams, what ever was a temple made it a graveyard.


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This photo is from Kangana Ranot's office. BMC had taken action to remove illegal constructions at their Palik Hills office Manikarnika Films.

  • Kangana shared 12 pictures of every part of her office by tweeting 3.
  • BMC dropped illegal construction at their office in Pali Hill on 9 September

Actress Kangana Ranot shared her office pictures on Twitter 8 days after BMC's action in Mumbai. He tweeted 3, 'This is rape, my dreams, my spirits, my self-respect and my future.'

In fact, BMC had taken action at Kangana's Pali Hill office on 9 September and smashed the illegal construction. The BMC team vandalized the JCB machine, hammer and crane for about two hours. Kangana reached Mumbai from Himachal on the same day. However, Kangana has taken a high court stay on the action of BMC. The matter will now be heard on 22 September.

First tweet

Second tweet

Third tweet

Kangna lost 2 crores
It was reported that Kangana lost Rs 2 crore due to BMC action. Kangana spent about 48 crores to build this three-storey office. The actress said on September 10, 'I opened the office on January 15. Soon after, the corona epidemic spread. Like most people, I have not done any work since then. I do not have the money to rebuild it. I will work from this ruins. I will keep it as an office of a woman who was devastated because of her voice. '

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1. The actress said – I do not have the money to build an office again, it was destroyed because of raising a woman's voice
2. 6 days after breaking the office of the actress, BMC also gave notice to her housing society, asking for 5 details including the details of the members
3. High Court told BMC- suddenly wake up from sleep and issued notice, Mumbai would have been something else if it had shown so much speed on other illegal constructions



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