Kangana, Bollywood Bofors guns face China in the plate tussle in Bollywood and for those whose death date is not known, the day of the sacrifice | Kangana, Bollywood Bofors guns face China in the plate tussle in Bollywood and for those whose death date is not known, the day of the sacrifice

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  • Kangana, Bollywood Bofors Guns Face China In The Plate Tussle In Bollywood And For Those Whose Death Date Is Not Known, The Day Of The Sacrifice

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Today is Pitramoksha Amavasya. JEE is also a special day for the students going to advance. At the same time, Prime Minister Modi's birthday is also, so let's start the morning news brief …

Today, 4 news of your work …

1. Today, omnipotent salvation is the new moon. On this date, Pinddaan, Shraddha and Tarpan Karma are performed for those dead, whose death date is not known.

2. JEE Advanced Exam 2020 is the last date to change exam city choice in the application. This change can be done till 5 pm.

3. Bike ambulances will start as a pilot project in Jaipur. With this it will be easy to remove the patient from the narrow streets.

4. Rajasthan University hostels will open between Corona. The final year examinations are to begin from September 18.

Today these 2 programs are also

1. Prime Minister Modi turns 70. The BJP is celebrating his birthday as Seva Day.

2. National Security Advisors of BRICS countries will hold virtual meetings.

Now tomorrow's 7 important news

1. Kangana now engaged to Jaya Bachchan

In Bollywood, the rhetoric on the penetration of drugs did not stop. Kangana Ranot on Wednesday responded to SP MP Jaya Bachchan by tweeting, "Which plate has Jaya ji and her industry given?" Here, there was a gold platter with the hero for a two-minute role… It is my own plate Jaya ji, not yours. ”Actually, BJP MP Ravi Kishan made a statement in support of Kangana in Parliament. Jaya Bachchan said on this, 'You cannot make a hole in the plate you eat.'

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2. The time has come for judgment in the case of demolition of the Babri structure

The decision of the Lucknow special court will come on September 30 in the case of demolition of the Babri structure in Ayodhya. The Babri Masjid was demolished by karsevaks on 6 December 1992 in Ayodhya 27 years ago. Many big leaders including LK Advani, Murali Manohar Joshi and Uma Bharti are accused in this case. All have to be present in the court at the time of judgment.

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3. Bofors guns will now be deployed in Ladakh

Bofors guns, which played a key role in the Kargil war against Pakistan 21 years ago, will now be deployed in Ladakh. Army engineers are engaged in servicing Bofors cannons. The Indo-China border has opened fire three times in the last 20 days. Because of this, stress is at its peak.

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4. SBI changed the rules for withdrawing money from ATMs

SBI's ATM will now yield 10 thousand rupees or more by putting OTP. OTP will come on the registered mobile number. Earlier this rule was applied after 10 pm. 24 × 7 is being implemented from 18 September. If you have to withdraw less than 10 thousand rupees, then the pin number will work. This has been done to prevent fraud.

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5. Masala-e-China

During the tension with China, there was no firing in the Galvan Valley, but he died. On the other hand, there was firing in Pangong. These accidents and actions suggest that agreements, treaties, exercises with China are not working. Defense Minister Rajnath Singh said in Parliament on Tuesday that the situation is different this time. Retired Lieutenant General Satish Dua explained the meaning of this statement.

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6. Boat overturns in Rajasthan, 11 dead

In Rajasthan, 11 people died after a boat capsized in the Chambal river. The accident occurred near Etawah in Kota district. The boat could carry 25 people, but it was carrying 40 people. Also had 14 bikes. Four boys saved 25 lives. He said that even after refusing, the people forcibly boarded the boat.

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7. Pakistan kidnapped 45 Indian fishermen

Pakistan did provocative action on Wednesday. His navy entered the Indian waters off Gujarat and abducted 45 fishermen in 8 boats. Out of these 6 boats were of Porbandar and 2 were of Veraval. It is being told that all the fishermen have been taken to Karachi port.

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Now the history of 17 September

1630: The city of Boston was established in America.

1948: The princely state of Hyderabad was merged with India.

1949: The political party of South India, the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK), was established.

1982: The first cricket Test match was played between India and Sri Lanka (then Ceylon).

Indian painter Maqbool Fida Hussain was born on this day in 1915. He was in controversy over many of his paintings. Because of this, he had to spend his last time in Britain. Read, two things of the same thing …



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