Justin Bieber Shares A Coronavirus Prayer With Followers: ‘Make This Go Away As Soon As Possible, God’

Justin Bieber is getting through quarantine with the power of prayer!

The Yummy singer shared some of his spirituality with his Instagram followers on Thursday. On Instagram Live, he prefaced his prayer with the message that fans “don’t have to believe” to participate. 

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He said:

“I’m going to say a quick prayer, and if you guys agree with me, cool. If you don’t, it’s also cool, you don’t have to believe anything I believe, we have far more in common than we don’t.”

Bieber added that he doesn’t think prayer makes him “any better” than anyone else. Rather, he thought that prayer could help “people come together.”

The 25-year-old went on to share his Coronavirus prayer:

“God, we thank you so much for this day. I thank you so much that you have everything in control. You know the beginning from the end and you’re not surprised by this whole thing that’s happening. God, we know that these things don’t come from you, that these things are unexplainable, but God, we trust you in these times. And we just ask God that you would make this go away as soon as possible, God. And we just thank you so much for who you are, and we just ask that you would give us more answers. In your name we pray, Amen.”

The superstar sent his love to his fans and shared a quick glimpse of his wife, Hailey Bieber, who “just walked in.” He chuckled:

“She’s embarrassed. But you guys are the best, and we’ll talk to you guys soon.”

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Meanwhile, Hailey shared her own thoughts on spirituality on Miley Cyrus’s Instagram Live show Bright Minded. On Friday, the pair discussed the differences in their faith journeys as people who were raised going to church.

Bieber shared:

“I think there’s a difference between being raised in church and then being an adult and having your own relationship with God…. I feel like I’ve found my footing with spirituality and faith and church. I’ve found a church community that works for me where I feel supported and loved and accepted.”

Hailey talked church on Miley’s IG Live show. (c) / Miley Cyrus/Instagram

Cyrus was appreciative of the 23-year-old’s message, saying that she “fell off that path” of religion as an adult. She explained that the way the church she grew up in was “less accepting” of others’ sexualities caused her to turn away. She was inspired by Bieber’s message, however, and said:

“I think what I just took away from you is I’m allowed to decide what my relationship is with spirituality as an adult that doesn’t have to be aligned with the way it was when I was brought up. … So I think you now telling me that I’m allowed to redesign my relationship with God as an adult and make it how it feels most accepting to me would make me feel so less turned off by spirituality.”

Hailey agreed:

“It’s your journey between you and God. … I believe that Jesus is about loving people, no matter where they’re at in life. I’ve always had a hard time too with church making people feel excluded and not accepted, and like they can’t be a part of it because of what they believe in, or who they love, or who they don’t love, or whatever it may be. I just don’t believe that’s what God is about at all. ”

Justin bieber instagram quarantineThis is what quarantine has turned Justin into! / (c) Hailey Bieber/Instagram

Quarantine isn’t only a spiritual experience for the Biebers, however. The couple have also used IG to share memes, play with filters, and do Tik Tok dances (below).

Stars… they’re just like us! LOLz!

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