Jupiter Image Taken from NASA hilarious reactions from Indian foodies – Jupiter planet looks like below, people see photos and say


Jupiter planet looks like this from below, people said – 'This is dosa …' – see Viral Photo

A picture is becoming increasingly viral on social media, on which you will also be surprised. A page on Twitter shared the picture and described the planet in the photo as Jupiter. On seeing the photo you will also feel that it is a dosa. But in reality it is the planet Jupiter, which is called Jupiter in English. This photo has been shared by a page named @Iearnsomethlng, which is becoming quite viral.

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While sharing the photo, the user wrote in the caption, 'Jupiter looks like something from below.' People saw the photo on Twitter but forgot to read the caption. Most people consider it a South Indian dish dosa. So someone described this picture of the planet as a dosa.

This picture was shared on June 27, so far this tweet has got more than 34 thousand likes and more than 6 thousand re-tweets. People started making funny comments below. People are telling it like a dosa. See the reactions people have …


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