Joe Biden and Kamala Harris wish for Navratri, Biden said – once again good will prevail over evil | Biden and Kamala greeted Navratri, Biden said – good wins over evil

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  • Joe Biden and Kamala Harris Wish for Navratri, Biden Said Once Again Good Will Prevail Over Evil

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The photo is dated 12 August this year. Kamala Harris (right) was declared Vice President by Democratic Party President Joe Biden (left). -File photo

  • About two million Hindu, Democratic and Republican parties are trying to woo them in elections in America
  • Hindu is 1% of the total population of America, it is the fourth largest religion in the country

Efforts are on to woo Hindu voters in the US presidential election. The Democratic Party President and Vice Presidential candidate on Saturday greeted the Hindus on Navratri. Presidential candidate Joe Biden tweeted, “Navratri, the Hindu festival has begun. I and my wife (Jill Biden) congratulate the people celebrating this festival in America and the world. Let good be the victory over evil once again. Let everyone get new opportunities and new beginnings. ”

Kamala Harris tweeted, “I and my husband (Douglas Amhof) congratulate Hindu American friends and brothers celebrating Navratri.” Hopefully, this festival will inspire all of us to take our community forward. We will be able to create an America in which all are equal. ”

Nearly 2 million Hindus in America

There are about 2 million Hindus living in America. Their participation in the presidential election is important for both major parties Republican and Democratic. Both parties are trying to woo Hindu voters. There has been an earlier attempt to try American Indian people in their court. The Hindu population in America is one percent of the total population. It is the fourth largest religion in the country.

Trump is also trying to woo Hindu voters

The current President and Republican Party candidate Donald Trump is not far behind in trying to woo Hindus. He announced the ‘Hindu Voices for Trump’ campaign on 14 August itself. After launching the campaign, the Trump campaign said, “We honor the contribution made by millions of Hindus in the development of America.” People of other religions, including Hinduism and Jainism, are often attacked in America. People have been demanding to end this for a long time. ”

Biden is resorting to Hindi songs in election campaign

Biden is using Bollywood songs to nurture Indian Americans. His campaign has released a music video on the lines of the song ‘Chale Chalo’ from the movie Lagaan. It calls for Biden to vote. It is sung by singer Titli. It is produced by Ajay Bhutoria. Bhutoria said, “This song is written by me and my wife.” We have also produced a second video with the song ‘Kaisa ho ka ho ho, jo biden as ho’. We want to reach 10.3 lakh Indian-American voters through our campaign. ”

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