Jeff Bezos Net Worth | Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos Net Worth Hit All-time High After Pentagon Cancels Deal With Microsoft | Bezos net worth was $211 billion, left the post of Amazon CEO on July 5

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  • Jeff Bezos Net Worth | Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos Net Worth Hit All Time High After Pentagon Cancels Deal With Microsoft

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Who has the most wealth in the world? If this question is asked to you, then of course you will take the name of Jeff Bezos and your answer is also correct. But this time Jeff Bezos made a new record in his name. That is the highest wealth ever held by a single person, as he now has a net worth of $211 billion (Rs 15.74 lakh crore). This figure is according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.

Jeff Bezos is leaving the world behind in terms of wealth
Jeff’s wealth has also risen after Inc.’s shares rose 4.7%. Because the Pentagon has announced that it is canceling its cloud-computing contract with Microsoft Corp.

What did the Pentagon say?
The Pentagon says it is terminating a $10 billion cloud-computing contract awarded to Microsoft Corp in 2019 after several years of wrangling between the government and some big US tech companies over the deal. It plans to split the work between Microsoft and rival Amazon.

Who is in second and third place?
The last time Tesla Inc’s Elon Musk touched the $210 billion mark in the Bloomberg rankings was in January. However, Bezos tightened his grip on the No. 1 position in mid-March, as Amazon’s stock jumped nearly 20% at that time. A group of tech titans, including Musk, were encouraged by rising stock prices in recent months.

He remains second only to Bezos with a net worth of $180.8 billion after Tesla shares declined. French luxury goods magnate Bernard Arnault is at number three with $168.5 billion.

What is Bezos’ share in the company?
Bezos, 57, officially stepped down as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Amazon on July 5 after 27 years of hard work. He still owns about 11% of the company and is serving as the executive chairman of the firm.

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