Jealous Doggy Doesnt Like Cat Receiving Pats Makes Scary Sounds See Viral Video


When the girl caressed the cat, the angry dog ​​started removing scary sounds and then … View Video

A dog and cat video on social media is becoming viral very fast. The woman caressed the cat with love, so the dog sitting nearby got angry. He got angry because the woman was paying attention to the cat except him. Filmed by Elena Shatruvaeva of Russia, this video shows her two pets. A cat and a Chihuahua dog – sitting on a bed together. When Shatrubeva started caressing the cat, the dog got angry and started making scary sounds.

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The 27-second video is loved by dog ​​lovers. When Elena Shatrubeva touched the cat, she started to look at the angry woman. When he did this again, he started to growl. Whenever a woman walked towards the cat, he would start making scary sounds.

See Video:

This video has been viewed thousands of times on YouTube. In the comment section, people have described this dog’s action as quite cute. In the comment section, a user wrote, ‘Chihuahua is notorious for jealousy.’ Another user wrote, ‘It looks like he is protecting the cat. Looks very cute in appearance.

This is not the first such video. Earlier in 2019, a video went viral. Where the Golden Retriever is jealous of the toy.


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