Jasmin Bhasin Shares Photo Fan Says Only Two Things Mumbai Is Talking About Jasmin And Covid


Jasmin Bhasin shared photo

Special things

  • Jasmine Bhasin shared photo
  • Jasmine is a TV actress
  • Bigg Boss 14 was seen

new Delhi :

The process of sharing beautiful pictures by Jasmin Bhasin is not stopping. In this sequence, another latest photo of Jasmin Bhasin has started going viral. Jasmine is looking very beautiful in this photo. She is posing in her post sitting on the chair. She has also given a very interesting caption while sharing her photo. Jasmin Bhasin writes, “I have learned to pose for good photos”. Fans are giving a lot of reactions to this photo of Jasmine. Recently, a Punjabi song by Jasmine Bhasin has also been released.

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So far, 2 lakh 62 thousand likes have come on the photos of Jasmin Bhasin Photos. Commenting on the photo of the actress, one social media user wrote, “What is the need to pose …” Another fan commented, “Only 2 things are being talked about in Mumbai – Kovid and Jasmine Bhasin ”. In this way, fans are commenting on the photos of Jasmin Bhasin Instagram in their own way.

Jasmin Bhasin expressed her love for Ali Goni during Bigg Boss 14. At the same time, after the show is over, the two have started dating each other. Couple posts photos and videos together on social media on the coming days. Fans also like the pair of Jasmine and Ali (Jasmin Bhasin Relationship). Recently, a video of Jasmin Bhasin became very viral, in which she was seen performing on the song ‘Pani Di Gal’ with Ali.


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