Jasmin Bhasin And Aly Goni Video On Punjabi Song Pani Di Gal Video Viral Fans Hilarious Comments – Jasmin Bhasin asked Ali – Who will celebrate my daddy? So the fans said


Jasmin Bhasin shared this video

Special things

  • Jasmine Bhasin shared video
  • Ali Goni was also seen
  • Fans giving fun responses to the video

new Delhi :

Jasmin Bhasin and Ali Goni (Aly Goni) are very active on social media these days and are posting their videos on the next day. In this sequence, a video of Jasmin and Ali (Jasmin Bhasin Aly Goni Video) has started going viral on social media. In the video that is going viral, both Maninder Buttar and Asees Kaur can be seen performing on the song ‘Pani Di Gal’. In the song, Ali tells Jasmine, “Teri mummy nu mana levange..my sasu maa mana levange” … and in the song when Jasmin (Jasmin Bhasin) says to convince Papa, Ali gets a little shocked.

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Fans are very fond of this fun Instagram reel of Jasmin Bhasin and Ali and are giving their reactions. A social media user commented on this cute couple’s video, writing, “This is what we all wait for ‘Jaisliens'”. Another user wrote, “Ali we will convince you to take us along”. At the same time, Ali Goni commented on this video by making a heart emoji. The video has received thousands of likes and lots of comments in a while. In this way, this video is being liked a lot.

Talk about Kapil, Jasmin Bhasin and Ali Goni (Aly Goni) were seen together in Bigg Boss 14, where both fell in love with each other. However, before this, both were telling each other as their good friend. Both chemistry was very much liked in the show and they are still together after the show ends. Fans give a lot of love to this couple and are eagerly waiting for their marriage.


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