Japanese researchers develop edible cholera vaccine from powdered rice. Cholera vaccine prepared from rice, it does not need a cooling system to store and neither will have to endure needle pain

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Scientists in Japan have prepared a cholera vaccine from rice. The first human trial of the vaccine has been successful. Scientists from Tokyo and Chiba University, who developed the vaccine, claim that it has shown no side effects during the trial and has shown a better immune response. This vaccine has been named Muco-Rice-CTB. The results of the first phase of the trial have been published in the Lancet Microbe journal.

Understand the specialty of vaccine in 3 points

  • No cooling system needed for storage: According to the researchers, this vaccine can also be kept at room temperature. There is no need of fridge or cooling system to send it anywhere.
  • Will not have to bear the pain of needle: There will be no need to suffer the pain of a needle for the cholera vaccine. This is an oral vaccine. It can be drunk by mixing it with liquid.
  • Intestinal Membrane Increases Immunity: After taking the vaccine, with the help of the intestinal mucosal membrane in the patient, immunity ie the ability to fight against cholera increases.

This is how the vaccine works
Researcher Hiroshi Kiyono of the University of Tokyo says, during the trial, patients were given low (3mg), medium (6mg) and high (18mg) doses of the vaccine. But the highest response was seen in high doses. IgA and IgG antibodies were found in patients in the second and fourth months after giving the vaccine. IgA and IgG antibodies are special proteins that the immune system releases. This protein fights infection with cholera toxin-B.

Vaccine can be given with saline water
To prepare the vaccine, scientists planted small grain plants of genetically modified rice in indoor farms. The rice was plucked after the crop was ready. It was ground very finely and kept in aluminum packets for storage. During vaccination, this powder was mixed with 1/3 cup of saline water and given to the patient. Scientists say, it can also be given to the patient with plain water.

Know the disease now

  • What is cholera Cholera is an infectious disease caused by bacteria. Its infection is usually caused by dirty and contaminated water. The disease can also be fatal if there is a lack of water and nutrients in the body after infection.
  • Symptoms appear at different times: Symptoms of cholera can appear at different times in different people. Symptoms appear a few hours after infection in some and after 2-3 days in others.
  • Protect it like this: Vegetables washed in dirty water are prone to cholera. Therefore, eat vegetables and salads only after washing them with clean water. Cholera can be caused by seafood and fish. The risk of cholera spreading is higher in dirtier areas.

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