Japan | tokyo olympics 2020 japan people are against games | 51.7% of Tokyo's people oppose next year's Olympics, said – better to postpone games due to coronavirus


  • Japan's Kyodo News and Tokyo MX Television Survey
  • 51.7% of Tokyo people oppose the event

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Jun 30, 2020, 07:50 AM IST

Tokyo More than half of the people of Tokyo do not want the Olympics next year. According to a survey, due to coronavirus, the people of Tokyo want that the games in 2021 can be postponed or canceled. Japan's Kyodo News and Tokyo MX Television conducted a survey of the next year's Tokyo Olympics from 26 to 28 June. According to the survey, 51.7% of the people of Tokyo are opposed to the event. So many people want the games to be postponed or canceled. While 46.3% people want to watch Olympic happen.

The opinion of the people in the survey conducted in Japan on the Olympics was as follows.

What does the survey say

46.3%: People want to watch the Olympics happen
51.7%: People do not want to be organized
2%: People do not want to give any opinion in this matter

27.7% believe that games can be canceled
Out of 51.7%, 27.7% want the games to be canceled. 24% want the Olympics to be postponed again. The Olympics were postponed until next year in March. Games are due from 23 July.

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