Jammu & Kashmir Tariq Ahmad Patloo sets up floating ambulance to deal with the COVID-19 crisis


The person built an ambulance to help the people in Kovid.

The country is struggling with the Coronavirus Pandemic. In such a situation, there are many people who are coming forward to help people. One of them is Tariq Ahmad Patloo of Jammu and Kashmir, who has made the boat an ambulance on Dal Lake in Srinagar. Through which Tariq Ahmad helps them to carry the patients of Covid-19 (Covid 19 Patient) from one place to another. Tariq started this work when he himself became Corona Positive and no one came forward to help.

When he became Corona positive, no one helped him to take him to the hospital, so when he recovered, he decided that he would make an ambulance that would help him to get people to the hospital via Dal Lake. Tariq also had many difficulties in making this floating ambulance. But, his hard work paid off and he succeeded. He said that today he is helping to take patients to hospital by way of Dal Lake.

He prepared this floating ambulance on a boat at his own expense and today he is helping the patients living in the vicinity of Dal Lake to transport them to the hospital during emergency for free. He says, “In view of the situation in hospitals and homes due to increasing cases, I have set up this facility for people, which includes PPE kits, stretchers and wheelchairs.”


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