Jale darbhanga Bihar Congress Candidate Mashkoor Usmani Falls from Stage: Bihar Assembly election | Congress candidate was speaking – people know, whom and when to fall; Then the stage broke

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Patna2 hours ago

Congress candidate Mashkur Usmani broke the stage while delivering a speech in the district.

The Congress candidate’s platform broke while holding an election meeting in Darbhanga’s web. The stage of Congress candidate Mashkur Ahmad Usmani was broken when he was giving a speech to the people. The video of the incident is going viral. Usmani came under discussion with the photograph of Jinnah at Aligarh Muslim University.

Both Netaji and supporters fell
Usmani was speaking before the stage fell – the public gets a chance to choose the government. In democracy, people know who to drop and when. As soon as Usmani said these lines, his platform broke and he collapsed. At the same time supporters also came down. Usmani is pitted against BJP’s Divesh Kumar.

Election forum of Congress broken in West Champaran too
In Bagahi Devraj of West Champaran, an incident like Darbhanga was also seen. Congress leaders and poets Imran Pratapgarhi and Akhilesh Singh were addressing the election meeting here on Thursday. Imran Pratapgarhi had Mike. Through poetry, he was talking about fulfilling election promises. Then the stage broke and dozens of Congress leaders including Imran collapsed. The supporters present at the scene could not stop laughing at themselves.

Tejaswi pushed the selfie fan
Apart from Netaji’s stage falling video in Darbhanga, another video is going viral. This video is of RJD leader Tejashwi Yadav. In the video, it is seen that a fan trying to take a selfie pushed Tejashwi with his hands.

JDU shared this video on Twitter and tweeted on Tejashwi Yadav. JDU said that RJD’s culture is similar.


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