Jaipur News: If you do not keep minimum balance in banks, there will be a charge, waiting tickets will not be available in railways. | If there is no minimum balance in the banks, there will be a charge; Waiting ticket will not be available in railway, now refund on Tatkal ticket also


  • Union Home Ministry has issued guidelines for Unlock-2.
  • From July 1, people's accounts will freeze if they do not deposit the necessary documents in many banks.

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Jul 01, 2020, 06:22 AM IST

Jaipur. Unlock-2 will start nationwide from July 1. The Home Ministry has issued guidelines related to this. During this time many rules will change from banking to railways. From 1 July most banks will start charging all banking charges again.

Banking charges like ATM Cash Withdrawal Charge and Minimum Account Balance (MAB) maintenance were put on hold till June 30. Railways will not get tickets for waiting list, while the timings of many special trains will be changed. Auto debit facility will also be started in the Atal Pension Scheme. Let's know what is going to change from today …

Bank: Withdrawal from other ATM will have to be charged again

  • A charge is levied in the name of the MAB if the money is kept below the limit set in the bank account. For example, SBI has to keep a minimum balance of Rs 3000 in metro and urban areas. A balance of 2000 rupees is required in semi-urban and 1000 rupees in rural areas. Private sector banks such as HDFC and ICICI have put a MAB of Rs 10,000 for metro and urban areas. Now these charges will be recovered again.
  • As before, withdrawals from ATMs of other banks more than the fixed number will now have to be charged again. As before, every month only eight in metro cities and 10 in non metro cities will be able to do transactions. Due to coronavirus, people were earlier allowed unlimited withdrawals from ATMs.
  • Due to non-submission of required documents in many banks from July 1, people's accounts will freeze. Along with Bank of Baroda, this rule has also come into force in Vijaya Bank and Dena Bank. Vijaya and Dena Bank have been merged with Bank of Baroda.

Railways: 50% refund will be given if the Tatkal ticket is canceled

  • You will not get tickets for the waiting list from July 1. Railways have decided that now people will be given only confirmed tickets or RAC tickets. Also, the timings of various trains have also changed from 1 July.
  • At present, there is no refund for cancellation of Tatkal tickets, but after the change in the rules of Railways from Wednesday, there will be 50% refund for canceling Tatkal tickets.

Auto debit facility will be started in Atal Pension Yojana

Atal Pension Yojana is run by the central government, under which auto debit is not being done at present. On June 30, this period is coming to an end. That is, from July 1, the money will automatically be deducted from the account of the people who invest money in this scheme, i.e., auto debit will be done. It will be quite convenient.


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