Jacqueline Fernandez leaves Salman Khan farm house Know Why


Jacqueline Fernandez leaves Salman Khan's farmhouse

Special things

  • Jacqueline was at Salman's farm house during lockdown
  • But now the farm house has left
  • You will be surprised to know the reason

new Delhi:

Jacqueline Fernandez has been at Salman Khan's farm house in Panvel ever since the lockdown began. But now news is coming that Jacqueline Fernandes has left Salman Khan's farm house. According to Pinkvilla's report, Jacqueline Fernandes has returned to Mumbai for a friend because she was tense. In this way, Jacqueline Fernandez has gone to live with her friend to support her in difficult times.

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According to Pinkvilla's report, "Jacqueline Fernandez's friend was living alone in Mumbai during lockdown." Both are close friends and they used to talk. As soon as Jacqueline came to know how upset and tense her friend was, she immediately left Panvel and went to live with him. When his friend needs him most, Jacqueline will stay with him in that period.

Let us know that the Maharashtra government has extended the lockdown till 31 July. In such a situation, Jacqueline Fernandez has decided to save her friend from loneliness and stress. Jacqueline Fernandes also released two songs from Salman Khan's farm house, in which she appeared with Salman Khan.


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