Is Bihar govt going to demolish a part of Khuda Bakhsh Library Patna


Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. (File photo)

Special things

  • Flyover to be built on Ashok Rajpath
  • Khuda Baksh Library is famous worldwide
  • Heritage Building is Curzon Reading Room


The Bihar government wants to build a flyover at Ashok Rajpath in Patna and the construction department has offered to break a part of the world famous Khuda Bakhsh Library and shift it to a new building on the same campus. . The world-famous Khuda Baksha Library, located on Ashok Rajpath, Patna, has more than 2.5 lakh books and more than 21 thousand rare manuscripts, but these days it is at the center of discussion that Nitish Kumar’s government is a flyover from Kargil Chowk to Engineering College More Wants to build, which is not in the grip of this main building, but this curse hall will come for 116 year old students and local people to read newspapers.

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Dr. Sahista Bedar, director of the director Khuda Baksha Library, said, ‘The main building is not being touched, but the entire area of ​​the main building, the boundary will come here. The look of the library will deteriorate and it will come under the bridge, so you can understand. This is the Curzon Reading Room Heritage Building.

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After the matter came to light, when the governor, who is the head of the board of this library, advised the state government and the District Magistrate of Patna to find an alternative, the district administration gave clarification on it. DM of Patna Chandrasekhar Singh said, ‘The final decision is not yet. The project is final but NOC has been sought and work will start only after getting NOC. There is no justification for coercive work and discussion is going on.

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Not only from the country but also from abroad, people are appealing to Chief Minister Nitish Kumar not to tamper with this building and now it has to be seen who Nitish Kumar chooses from the flyover and the book.

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